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Some learning experience about upgrading to college public courses

2018-01-02 04:48:00
1. Public Computer courses, the basis of Computer Culture in textbooks (eighth and ninth editions). Computer culture basic experiment course (eighth, ninth edition) data with computer public course test point analysis and problem solving published by Shandong University, the key points and difficult test points, all in which can help understand the textbook! Two, high number of public courses: Tongji version can be used, two or three versions are enough, five or six versions are a little more difficult, more content! Data is the example problem and after class problem, if there are a few sets of real problem simulation problem, comprehensive practice, it is perfect! Third, public English: any textbook, read the text, recite the paragraphs, can cultivate language sense, learn vocabulary phrases sentence pattern. Level 4 or a special promotion of vocabulary, if the holiday can win the best, can reduce a lot of pressure. Four, about the public class: the computer test is very fine, some people say that the computer test is very abnormal, it is also good, such as last year there was a question, ask excel cell right foot has a cross point, what is the name, I still do not know! So review must be careful! I said the material contact textbook review, I think the effect is good, it is best to be skilled on the machine, read the textbook, so the effect is very good! English, I do not learn well, but there are some experiences, the English is not difficult to upgrade, the grammar test is also very simple, just look at the information I said, it is enough, the word discrimination on the test everyone's own, listening to prepare a good headset, it is best to have a radio! You can figure it out yourself, because I am not good myself, but the difficulty is not high! It is good to back a few model essays before the composition exam, and there are many types of composition examples behind the spark information I said! Mathematics is easy to say, the test is very basic, as long as you can put the example problem after class, in the case of not reading, they will do it, it is OK! Five, a reminder of the public class: the outline, the change of the outline every year is not large, you can first find out the outline of previous years, closely review the outline, the purpose is clear, the effect must be good, especially the computer high number! High number review, do not do what difficult problems, because the exam questions are basic, textbook examples after class questions must understand, it is completely enough! There is also that these three subjects are public courses, each major, basically two public courses, is one of them, the remaining one may be as a professional course, some are not, such as high number in civil engineering is as a professional course, but it is much simpler than as a public course! But other majors may be a little more difficult, so specific analysis of the situation, but it should not be too difficult! Six, professional courses: professional courses have no outline, many even the information can not buy! Textbooks are issued by the school you go to school on the line, some subjects and the exam subject name is a little different, in this case to ask the professional course teacher, they can generally help choose the textbook, and can say about the general scope of the exam! Can buy the information, the textbook combined with the information to review; No information, can only rely on the summary after class, thinking questions and exercises! But anyway, based on the textbook is the best way, because most of the major exam questions are more basic! Some majors may be a little difficult, you can consult your professional course teachers, they may give you better and more valuable advice!