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Some precautions for the use of explosion-proof distribution cabinet

2018-04-30 08:00:56

Explosion-proof power distribution cabinet is the most commonly used products in flammable and explosive places, then the correct use of explosion-proof power distribution cabinet there are twelve precautions do you know?




Explosion-proof switchboard




The installation and debugging personnel should first read the drawings and technical data in detail, carry out the handover test procedure for the explosion-proof distribution cabinet according to the national standards and specifications, and operate and debug in strict accordance with the requirements.


When installing, the floor type should have a solid foundation, the hanging type should be firm and vertical, and the shell should be connected reliably, and the grounding resistance should be less than 10Ω.


The load area of the power cord and load connection of the control cabinet shall not be less than the data specified in the instruction manual of the electric heater equipment.


When connecting the power cable and load to the wiring terminal in the cabinet, a pressure connection should be made at the guide end.


The information illegally crawled from experience


The circuit bolt contact points should be checked regularly whether they are loose and overheated.


The distance between the explosion-proof distribution cabinet and the storage place of combustible substances shall comply with the relevant specifications.


After the connection is confirmed, switch on the power supply. At this time, the power indicator lights up, the control circuit switch is turned on, and the temperature reading appears on the temperature display screen. At this time, the small green light of the overtemperature controller indicates that the instrument part works normally.


The technical personnel shall adjust the temperature setting value according to the technical requirements by referring to the technical data, and other personnel shall not adjust it at will.


The sensitivity of the temperature regulator is high, and the anti-interference is poor. When installing the signal line, remember to choose a cable with a shielded layer and do a good job of shielding and grounding, so as not to cause disturbance. Be careful not to run parallel to power cables for long distances.


Warning Users: Operation and maintenance personnel must strictly follow the operation instructions in the electrical schematic diagram to protect the normal running of the device.


Check whether the installation of electrical control systems, instruments and instruments meets the requirements: the display of each alarm device, control system and control program are correct and meet the requirements of process heating. Check the electric heater two-ground interlock control is correct. Check whether the connection of electric heating furnace terminal is firm to prevent loose ignition.

Matters needing attention

Whether it is flameproof explosion-proof distribution cabinet or positive pressure explosion-proof distribution cabinet, the above problems should be paid attention to when using, so as to help everyone use the explosion-proof distribution cabinet correctly.