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Spirit of the sword of the Chang 'e Guide

2018-05-04 19:12:07

Let's see how Chang 'e, the hero of the Sword of the Soul, plays.


1 skills only need 1 points in the early stage: 1 skills are mainly in order to blow up the enemy, there is this control effect, the level is not related, so the early stage only need 1 points.


2 skills consumption: 2 skills are instantaneous, is an area of AOE, suitable for clearing soldiers and the consumption of the enemy, I will be the main upgrade of this skill, 1 skill secondary upgrade is good.


This information comes from experience


Pay attention to the delay of 1 skill: 1 skill has a delay of about 1 second, do not blow up immediately with other skills, he is still in the air, the damage of other skills is not eaten oh.


Walk more: Because of the existence of control skills such as 1 and 2 skills, Chang 'e is a very suitable mage to walk, and it is recommended that the side be more support.


Pay attention to the fighting distance: Chang 'e's skill distance is still relatively far, try to choose the safe margin to consume when playing, if it is close to the opponent with 1 skill blow, and then escape.


Sustained Damage Type Mage: Chang 'e as a mage control sustained damage type, explosion still has some shortcomings, so you can use equipment to make up for it.