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Spring Festival around driving tour guide

2018-03-14 11:12:00

The city is a city in China, adjacent to Hong Kong. Located in the south of the Tropic of Cancer, is located in the province, the east coast of Zhuhai, east of Daya Bay and Mirs Bay; West shore pearl and Lingdingyang; The southern River connects with Hong Kong; It is bordered by two cities to the north.


On the first day, Window of the World, the main attractions are World Square, International Street, Asia Area, America Area, Oceania Area, Africa Area, Europe Area, Sculpture Garden, The window of the world includes the world-famous Egyptian pyramids, Amun Temple, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Grand Canyon in the United States, the Lion's Arc de Triomphe in Paris, St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican, the Taj Mahal in India, the Sydney Opera House in Australia, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, and so on. These scenic spots are built in different proportions of 1:1, 1:5, 1:15 and so on.


The next day, Happy Valley, Happy Valley covers an area of 350,000 square meters, which includes attractions such as Spanish Square, Magic Castle, Adventure Mountain, Gold Mine Town, Shangri-La, Hurricane Bay, Sunshine Coast, Happy hours, of which the Magic Castle is located in the west direction of Happy Valley entrance, under the 20 entertainment projects, They are Fantasy Island, Surf, Old Tree Spirit, Ice World, Philotheads, Jungle water War, Ranger training camp, 3D cinema, simulated fire brigade, Arctic adventure, Magic Kitchen, Little Architect, Fun World, Guns and bullets, Happy Home, Bouncing Frog, Castle Watchmen, Crazy Elves, Ant Soldier Secret Service, Carousel.


On the third day, mangroves, which contain 70 hectares of natural mangroves, 22 species of mangrove plants, 189 species of birds, of which 23 species of rare and endangered birds are protected by the state. Mangrove is a Marine woody plant community mainly composed of mangrove trees, which is named for its light red trunk. Mangrove nature reserve natural growth plants are sea lacquer, wood olive, autumn eggplant and other rare tree species. It is also a national bird sanctuary, a migratory habitat and stopover for birds of the Old World.


On the fourth day, OCT East, OCT East integrates two theme parks, three tourist towns, four resort wines, two 36-hole mountain courses, Dahua Xing Temple and Tianlu Real Estate. It mainly includes: Warrior Valley Eco-Park, Chaxi Valley Resort Park, Interlagen Town, Heifield Town, Chaweng Ancient Town, Dahuaxing Temple, Interlagen Wine, OCT East Waterfall Wine, OCT East RV Wine, Dahuaxing Temple Bodhi Hotel, Train camp, Cafe Hotel, Yunhai Valley Golf Club and Public course, Tianlu Real Estate, etc., reflect the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.


On the fifth day, the mountain, the main peak of the park has a peak square of 4000 square meters, which is currently the highest outdoor square in the city, and is the best place to climb, fly kites, and look at the heart of the area. On the south slope of the main peak of the park, there are two hiking and walking paths directly to the peak square, which is the only way for visitors to climb and exercise if it looms in the forest at the foothills; There are also three tree-lined hiking trails in the northwest and north. Every day, many people come to climb mountains and exercise.


On the sixth day, Wutong Mountain, Wutong Mountain is a rare urban suburban natural scenic spot near the urban area, with mountain and natural vegetation as the main landscape. Wutong Mountain is the main distribution area of natural evergreen broad-leaved forest, with a woodland area of 1933.3 hectares, which is regularly divided into south subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest, South subtropical mountain evergreen broad-leaved forest and peak copeland.

Matters needing attention

There are rich seafood, fruit, poultry and other local specialties, more famous are Shajing fresh oysters, litchi, Xili mango.