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Start of spring this day quarrel how to do?

2018-04-26 17:36:59

In traditional Chinese culture, Beginning of Spring is one of the 24 solar terms and the beginning of spring. Generally speaking, people will carry out some traditional celebrations on the day of Start of Spring, such as ancestor worship, dust sweeping, drying quilt, etc., to express their good expectations for the New Year. If you have an argument on this day, you can consider the following ways to ease the conflict:


Calm communication: A fight is because both parties have a disagreement about something and can resolve the problem through calm communication. It is recommended to sit down and listen to the other person in a situation of emotional calm, express your own opinions, and try to find common ground and reach an agreement.


Avoid getting emotional: Getting emotional tends to escalate fights and make conflicts more difficult to resolve. During communication, you should try to remain calm and avoid emotional words or actions.


Find a compromise: When neither party can compromise, consider finding a suitable compromise. You can start from each other's position, consider the other's needs, and find a mutually acceptable solution.


Apology and forgiveness: If you have done wrong, you should apologize to the other party in time and admit your mistake. If the other person apologizes, you should consider forgiving the other person, which will ease the conflict and make the relationship more harmonious.

Matters needing attention

In short, fighting is an unpleasant experience, but communicating in a sensible, objective and respectful way can resolve conflicts and make the relationship more harmonious.