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Stimulate your sense of luxury top-of-the-line shower

2018-04-07 14:24:34

An overhead shower, a hand-held shower and a shower lift combine to create a simple, traditional shower combination. Today, the traditional shower pattern has changed with the advent of the Delex F Digital shower series from Grohe Bathroom, which can upgrade the bathroom into a luxurious and exclusive home spa room. Bring users a sense of palace feast, now let's take a look at the high-tech imported bathroom top digital shower shower to bring us a shock. Grohe has recently developed a new shower mode that integrates color and light, warm and pleasant steam, and personal favorite music into every moment of the bath, so that you can enjoy a relaxing and joyful time at home. Let you enjoy life, taste life, let you have an extraordinary life experience every day. Light mode Top hanging shower large 400mm top hanging shower, shower four corners are configured with four LED lights, can control the LED light mode through ipod, according to the user's mood to adjust the light color and brightness, the use of light to create a warm bath atmosphere. Grohe's unique SPA Shower Sound mode allows you to listen to relaxing or energetic tracks or albums from iTunes and programmatically adjust the volume of the shower speakers. Enjoy the beautiful music while bathing. Steam mode The benefits of steam are well known to help open skin pores and remove toxins from the body, and today steam baths are an essential part of an authentic spa experience. Grohe's Dellex F Digital shower system allows you to enjoy a comfortable and healthy steam bath while taking a shower at home, simply by connecting to an Apple ipod touch 4 player to easily control the steam density.