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Summer mosquito prevention methods

2018-05-05 14:24:34

Summer arrived, mosquitoes also began to rise, bite on the human body is painful and itchy. People are trying all kinds of ways to fight mosquitoes, mosquito repellent, spray, mosquito repellent... The effect is good, but the pungent taste is unbearable. You know what? Mosquito repellent products we may wish to make some, not only have the same effect, but also more environmentally friendly and healthy. Wormwood is an excellent mosquito repellent. "Some Chinese herbs and plants are natural mosquito repellents." Wang Hongcai, a professor at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, told the Life Times that the most typical is wormwood, which has a special fragrance and can effectively repel mosquitoes. Every night, the wormwood or wormwood sticks are lit, and the smoke emitted can quickly smoke away the mosquitoes. Or wormwood, calamus add water to soak, used to mop the floor, can also be boiled into warm water, smeared on the body, can play the role of mosquito repellent; Hanging a dry stick of moxa in your room can also repel mosquitoes, moths, and bugs. According to Taiwan's "Health" magazine reported that a study found that white orchid, sassafras, orange peel, seven lixiang, rue, fennel, mint, white calamus, star anise, citronella, mountain and other Chinese herbs, have the effect of mosquito repellent, repellent time up to 9 hours. "It is suggested that atractylodes, Angelica, clove, perlan, mugwort leaves, borneol, patchouli, camphor, orange peel, and mint can be put together to make a perfume bag, hung indoors, and replaced regularly for 10-15 days, which can also effectively repel mosquitoes." These drugs are available in all medicines and are not expensive." Wang Hongcai suggested that you can also buy some camphor oil, lavender and other essential oils. Experiments have shown that applying camphor oil to the skin can ward off mosquitoes for more than 6 hours. Orange peel or orange peel can also be dried and lit, the principle and effect is little different from mosquito repellent incense. "If you have allergic diseases such as asthma and rhinitis, you should stay away from perfume bags and fumigants, and do not use them on your body." Add some summer medicine when taking a bath can help to repel mosquitoes if you are too troublesome, you can use 2 patchouli Zhengqi water or ten drops of water before going to bed, scrub the skin with a basin of warm water, or boil water with 5 star anise and scrub the skin, which can play a role in repelling mosquitoes. In addition, use an empty wine bottle of about 10 milliliters of sugar water, gently shake a few times, so that the inner wall of the bottle is glued to the sugar liquid, placed in the area where mosquitoes are active. When mosquitoes smell sugar, they'll kill themselves.