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Summer mosquitoes, indoor how to repel mosquitoes

2018-05-06 03:12:20

Summer is the peak season for mosquito breeding, which not only brings inconvenience to people at night, but also may spread diseases. In order to keep the indoor environment clean and comfortable, we need to take some measures to repel mosquitoes.


Keep your home clean: Mosquitoes often thrive in damp and unclean environments. Therefore, it is very important to keep the room dry and clean. Clean your home regularly to remove standing water, garbage and food debris to reduce the chance of mosquito breeding.


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Use mosquito repellent: Using mosquito repellent in indoor Spaces is another effective way to repel mosquitoes. You can choose to use spray, mosquito repellent or electric mosquito swatter. Choose products that are relatively safe for adults, children, and pets, and follow the instructions for proper use.


Reasonable window ventilation: Although the temperature is higher in summer, in the early morning and evening, you can properly open the window for ventilation. This will keep the indoor temperature down and keep the mosquitoes out. However, make sure there is a mosquito barrier on the Windows to prevent mosquitoes from entering the room.


Use an electronic mosquito repellent: An electronic mosquito repellent is a silent, non-toxic way to repel mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can be repelled by ultrasound or electromagnetic waves. The device is harmless to humans and can work while family members are asleep.


Place repellent plants: Some plants have repellent effects. For example, lavender, lemongrass, rosemary and other plants with strong fragrances have the effect of repelling mosquitoes. These plants can be placed indoors, or the essential oils extracted from them can be applied to exposed areas of the body.