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Summer vacation parent-child travel guide

2018-04-08 04:48:19

Give you a five-day plan, you need to check the attractions in advance before traveling, make a few more travel plans, the world is so big, how can you play in just a few days, especially such a metropolis, so you want to see the most in it, as little as possible to take the wrong way, I hope it is useful


The first day to go, try to choose to take the high-speed train, can buy a morning to the best, but want to see the flag one day in advance, you can also rest in the hotel, the first day in Tiananmen Square, go to the Forbidden City to play, the park in the evening


The next day you can go to the Summer Palace in the morning, enter from the north palace gate of the Summer Palace, come out from the south palace gate, take a bus at the gate to the Old Summer Palace, go to Tsinghua University and then visit the Old Summer Palace, take a bus from the east gate of the Old Summer Palace to the east gate of the university.


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The fourth day to the Great Wall, time enough to return to the Confucian Temple \ Guozijian,


On the last day, shopping in Dashilan or Wangfujing in the morning, and the train back in the afternoon

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