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Teach you how to choose high quality high value core keywords

2018-04-25 01:36:51

Before we do a good job in this area, we must first choose the core keywords must be related to the content of the website. Your core keyword positioning is "SEO", then your website is a lawyer consulting information site, this core keyword and website content is completely unrelated, then the search engine will think that your website has a problem, in particular, it will think that your website does not meet the user experience, so as to punish. Therefore, the choice of website core keywords must be closely related to the main content of the website.


Know what kind of traffic words are most valuable to us, or where the value of each word is. For example, our corporate brand and product name keywords, the value of these words is reflected in the user search product brand words or model words are able to directly meet the needs of users through the website content, but also a high conversion rate of a keyword, the difference is that our corporate brand awareness, no visibility of the enterprise may be able to bring very little traffic, At this time, you need to weigh the value of such keyword traffic.


Keywords are too broad is the primary webmaster the most easy to make low-level mistakes. You are selling, so your core keyword is "", do you think you can make the keyword" "to the first page? If I am in the sales industry, my key words should be regional + brand + expansion. I am in, my shop is called "Huaqiang", main "wholesale", then my key word is "Huaqiang wholesale" or "wholesale". Such keywords are much simpler than "" and easy to get to the first page.


This article is based on experience


There are some words, need to pay special attention to is the competitor's brand words, such words may also have a certain amount of traffic, in a certain case we can also seize the traffic of such words through SEO optimization, of course, need to pay attention to rights disputes, so need to be careful to implement.


The above is my SEO process to choose high-quality high-value core keywords of some experience, only for the majority of SEO workers reference.