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Teach you the 3-step process of car silicone seal maintenance

2018-05-12 16:01:00

Automobile silicone sealing strip is made of ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM) rubber foam and dense composite, with waterproof, sealing, sound insulation, dust, anti-freeze, shock absorption, warm and energy saving characteristics. With the continuous development of the automotive industry, the connectivity, sealing and decorative requirements for silicone seals have gradually increased. Now I share how to maintain the silicone seal in normal life. 1 Check whether there is a crack in the silicone seal, there is no fracture phenomenon, and found that the fracture of the seal can be found first to repair the binder, here the binder is specially used for bonding, so it is not difficult to repair the crack. Replace it with a new one if the cracks are large or the aging degree is severe. The replacement method is very simple, but in order to achieve good results, it is best to ask a professional to update. 2. Check whether the silicone seal is aging. The silicone seal is a very important part in the car doors and Windows, which can ensure that the doors and Windows are watertight and can also reduce sound insulation, and is protected by external force. However, due to the usual sun exposure will cause aging, aging silicone seals will cause shrinkage or deformation, so it is necessary to check the silicone seals. 3. Often clean the silicone seal, clean the silicone seal with detergent, and then apply a protective agent, which can play a dust-proof and anti-aging role. In summary, the sealing effect of the silicone seal is quite large, especially in the cold winter, if the sealing is cracked, it will lead to the cold wind invasion, even if the door is closed tightly, it will not help, the aging of the silicone seal will also affect the air tightness of the car, resulting in the phenomenon of rain leakage in the car, and it is easy to rust the body. It is recommended that the silicone seal should be regularly checked and cleaned in ordinary life to avoid the deterioration of the car's sealing due to negligence.