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Ten dietary nourishing methods for female kidney deficiency

2018-04-11 01:36:52

Once a woman's kidney deficiency, it will soon appear mental exhaustion, skin color withered, low response, waist sour legs soft, lower eyelid color dim, ear color withered, fragile bones, etc., so women are always short youth, beauty easy to old, one of the causes is not known kidney deficiency. Here to the majority of female friends recommend ten kinds of nourishing kidney diet method.

Specific methods of diet therapy:

Ejiao is used for blood vacuity with little menstrual cycle, disintegrating leakage and pregnancy blood. Containing a variety of amino acids, the treatment of anemia is better than iron, improve the balance of calcium in the body, can be used for uremic renal anemia. Ejiao stewed red dates: 30 red dates cooked, add ejiao 10 grams Yang.


Black beans for kidney deficiency menstruation rare, chronic nephropathy proteinuria. Stewed pork loin with black beans and walnuts: 50g black beans, 30g walnut meat, 1 pig kidney, stew for 2 hours, low salt to taste.


Longan dry for liver and kidney deficiency caused by blood deficiency insomnia, palpitation and other menopausal symptoms.


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Black sesame tonifying liver and kidney, invigorating blood, used for menstruation disease and male diseases of sperm deficiency and blood deficiency. Black sesame braised chicken: 50 grams of black sesame, stuffed into the chicken chamber, add water and simmer for 2 hours.


Lily nourishing Yin Qingxin calming, treating menopause syndrome. American ginseng lily porridge: American ginseng 30 grams, decocted for 2 hours to take the juice, fresh lily 50 grams, rice 100 grams, porridge.


Polygonum multiflorum tonifying liver and kidney, invigorating blood, used for menopause Yin deficiency fire Wang, dizziness, deficiency and insomnia, irritable temperament. It can also be used for chronic renal failure. First black liver slices: 50 grams of polygonum multiflorum, decocted juice, 100 grams of pork liver, sliced and stir-fried, add the first black juice.


Trionychia is used for hyperplasia of mammary gland and myoma of uterus. Turtle shell and hay soup: Peel 1 turtle shell, 50 grams of hay, boil for 1 hour.


Turtle shell Yin deficiency blood heat chong Ren not solid leakage, menorrhagia. Chronic nephritis of hypertension. Goji turtle: 1 turtle, 30g goji berry, simmer with water for 2 hours.


Sea cucumber nourishing Yin moistening dryness, used for premenstrual tension syndrome and menopause syndrome. Sea cucumber crystal sugar: water sea cucumber 100g, boil with water, add into the crystal sugar. How, I believe that many female friends will have the idea of trying after seeing these nourishing food therapy methods, then you may wish to try, I believe that it is very helpful for women to maintain health and beauty.