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The black license plate is how powerful

2018-02-23 09:36:00

The black license plate is a license plate with white characters and a black background, which is issued to foreign companies, foreign and international organizations in China, vehicles purchased by foreigners in the name of private individuals driving in China, temporary license plates affixed to vehicles temporarily seized by customs, or secret agencies. If there is the word "enable" in front of the black spot on the white background, it is the vehicle of the embassy, if it is the word "border", it means the transit vehicle, which can enter and exit, so it is not ordinary people can apply for a black license plate. In addition, most of the official cars and the boss's vehicles are black license plates, they are some people with a very strong status, such a black license plate looks dignified and atmospheric, and it is not a general license plate can be replaced. Because the black license plate is issued in a small amount, it is easy to get a good grade, so it looks more powerful. But now the black license plate policy has been cancelled, no longer issued, rarely appear on the basic road, if you can still see such a license plate on the road, it means that the owner is very powerful. Another situation is the Guangdong Z black license plate, used to travel between Guangdong and Hong Kong or Guangdong and Macao vehicles, according to the investment of private owners in the region to distribute, in the Pearl River Delta region investment per 10 million US dollars, other regions per 5 million US dollars can get an indicator, more investment more. This shows that the owner is not an ordinary person, very respectable status.