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The cheapest 500 million inventory of the world's ten most expensive oil paintings

2018-02-22 00:00:00

Painting this contemporary work of art has caught the eye of every art lover or any passionate person in the world. What makes these works famous around the world? Is it just the abstract message conveyed by the painter's pen or the brushwork? There are many masters of genius in the world, and in order to satisfy the innate passion of art collectors and connoisseurs, auctions are used to prove the true value of these masters. Before the top ten ranking network ( inventory ten do not understand but sold out of the works, the cheapest is 500 million, today Xiaobian to take stock for everyone in the world's ten most expensive oil paintings, the same as the cheapest is more than 500 million, but after reading, feel that there is no one we Xiaobian two Ni painting good. Alas, the world of art, we really do not understand ah!

The cheapest 500 million inventory of the world's ten most expensive oil paintings

Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) was a French impressionist painter who painted "The Ball at the Moulin Rouge" in 1876. The painting depicts a large number of people, giving people the impression of crowded and lively. On the whole, he retains the impressionist nostalgia for external light and color spots, making the overall tone and atmosphere of the picture have a strong effect of trembling and flickering. In 1990, the work was sold for $78.1 million to the former "Dr. Gachet" crazy Japanese Ryoei Saito, but seven years later, the work was sold to a private European collector at a discount of $50 million. The Musee d 'Orsay in France houses another similar work of the same name.


The author: Jasper Johns is one of the representatives of the "New Dada art" in the United States, the "new Dada art" is a precursor of "pop art", emphasizing the elements of everyday life, "art is related to great art, and it is also related to life." In this painting, "False Start," from 1959, the colors and the English words that identify them are misaligned. It was acquired by an unknown buyer in the fall of 2006, setting a record for the most auctioned work by a living artist.


Monet's "Water Lilies" sells for $80,451,178 After an unknown buyer bought the painting for $80,451,178, Monet stunned the art world. It was also the most expensive piece sold by Christie's in all of Europe in the early 20th century.


Portrait of Dr. Gachet, $82.5 million, by Van Gogh (Netherlands) The Dutch do have an addictive passion for art and technique. The Impressionist master Van Gogh brought Dr. Gachet's portrait to life in the early 21st century. The painting gained worldwide fame when Japanese businessman Ryoei Saito paid $82.5 million for it. In order to fully satisfy his attachment to the painting, Ryoei Saito wants to bury the painting in his grave when he dies. However, the painting remained in the world and was acquired by the Musee d 'Orsay in 1996. Van Gogh painted two paintings of Dr. Gachet in the same style, one of which uses low tones and water art.


Triptych 1976 sells for $86.28 million By Francis Bacon (United Kingdom) British painter Francis Bacon (1909-1992) was one of the most important British painters of the 20th century. Bacon's "Triptych 1976" sold for $86,281 million at Sotheby's in New York on May 14, setting a new auction record for a modern painting and a work by the British artist and becoming one of the most expensive contemporary art paintings.


"Daura Mara and the Cat" $95.2 million Author: Picasso (Spain) Picasso is known for his controversial nature, and his perfect painting technique. In this 1941 painting, he expresses his unconditional love for his mistress Doramar, who was also an avant-garde artist at the time. In 2006, a portrait of Doramar sold at Sotheby's for $95.2 million, more than double its estimate.