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The generation gap between children

2018-03-14 01:36:48

I believe that many parents pay a lot for their children, and the children do not understand, straight teaching people a headache, because The Times are changing, 80,90,00 thought is not a concept there is a generation gap, communication is a good solution


First, the average child will have a rebellious period, may be rebellious at the beginning of primary school, most of this reason is because the parents are very strict, do not let the child go out to play with the children, said to focus on learning, pay attention to childhood training, but later it will be self-inflicted, the child will become introverted, do not like to contact other children. Give your kids more freedom. You only get to be a kid once.


Second, give the child to cram school of course, but too much even occupy the child's holiday time, the longer the time, seemingly little change, in fact, the heart has accumulated hatred, until a counterscale erupted, that time is already late, appropriate to give the child some vacation time, let them do what they want to do it, so he will learn more seriously.


Third, do parents know what their children want to learn? Therefore, communication is also the most important way to solve the generation gap, some people like dance, entertainment courses, but parents are sure to think that it is more important to explore the potential of children, but if you miss it is not regret for a lifetime, give children some freedom to choose the right, occasionally leisure time for children to learn some of their favorite courses, develop their potential.