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The identification of ancient jade and the collection of ancient jade, how to collect ancient jade

2018-01-01 06:24:00
Ancient jade generally refers to the Warring States and before the Han Dynasty, the jade before the Ming dynasty is called ancient jade, and the jade before the Han Dynasty is called ancient jade. Ancient jade is sought after by collectors at home and abroad because of its long age, rich cultural connotation and high historical research value, and is considered by collectors as the top luxury in Oriental art. 1. Ancient jade - refers to the jade of the Warring States and Han Dynasty before, mainly used for sacrifice, with mysterious religious color, mostly for the emperor, the royal family and dignitaries with jade. Ancient jade is worth a lot of money, carving skills are very exquisite, whether it is shallow relief, transparent carving, or Yin line portrayal, are simple and fine, which "Han eight knives" and double ditch grinding method (also known as "swim silk wool carving") to the extreme, so far can not be imitated. 2. Ancient jade is the most beautiful in Qin color. There are many kinds of qin color, red qin, cinnabar qin, soil qin, water qin, metal qin, mercury qin and so on. The main colors presented are red, yellow, black, white, green, purple, blue and transitional colors. 3. At Christie's in London in the autumn of 2009, a yellow jade belt hook from the Western Han Dynasty, with a pre-sale estimate of £100,000 to £150,000, sold for £825,250, setting a record for Han jade at auction. How to collect ancient jade? 1. In the initial stage of the domestic collection of ancient jade, the domestic art auction market has failed to pay enough attention to the collection of ancient jade, and the price is generally low, if compared with the price of foreign auction houses, there is a big gap. Therefore, the potential for appreciation is great, and there is still an opportunity to collect ancient jade at a more appropriate price. 2. With the increase of cultural exchange activities, the demand for artworks will become more and more vigorous, and the understanding of ancient Chinese jade culture will continue to deepen, and more and more people will collect ancient jade, which will make the market further active and heated up. Mastering the opportunities is an essential element of becoming an excellent collector investor. 3. Ancient jade collection to take the fine line, the more the highest appreciation faster, grasp the three elements: rare, fine, rare, that is, ancient jade to precious jade, exquisite craft, rare theme, which is the most important element of the success of ancient jade investment collection. 4. At present, many overseas Chinese with the same cultural background have been collecting and researching ancient jade for many years, and there are more powerful collection groups with strong economic strength in China and sufficient funds to support the art collection market. When social capital further opens the collection of ancient jade, the potential value of ancient jade will be greatly enhanced.