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The latest Japanese mobile game big inventory

2018-03-13 17:36:56

After the New Year, after the Lantern Festival, after Valentine's Day...... I'm sure everyone should get back to work... Aaargh... But the weather is so cold, it really makes people have no motivation, and every day with the beast of the bed, I finally understand what is the king is not early to QAQ after entering February, the game began to slowly increase, among which there are some more interesting games, but for now, the game trailer I see is not particularly attractive to me... Let's summarize some wonderful new games and game trailers for you in the past half month! Attack Giant: Roar Toward Freedom Attack Giant: Roar Toward Freedom (enter の Giant - Freedom への Roar -) is a simulation strategy game based on the world view of the popular anime series Attack Giant by Takashi Tsuyama. Players will build their own city in the game, and need to build various defensive structures and train troops to defend against the giants. In addition to defending, players can also produce a variety of giants to attack other players' cities and loot what they need... This half month is the most anticipated than this giant mobile game, but do not doubt your eyes, this game is indeed the COC copycat version, the official copycat version of the husband? And the giant is such a good brand you use to do this kind of thing don't think too wasteful?! ? Monster Hunter: The daily life of Elu Cat Another more anticipated work is last year said to accompany the letter "Monster Hunter: Ai Lu Cat's daily life (モンハンいつでもアイルーライフ), this love how to jump ticket game, after willfully delayed for three months finally put on the shelves, the gameplay is relatively diverse, basically simulation business elements are very sufficient, but also added social and other elements, more durable. The following is to introduce an explosive work, originally in the "calling Round table" (サモンズボード) on the shelves before I did not pay much attention to its news, but when the actual release of the time to play it out of control... It was fun! First of all, the pet is very cute, followed by the general play of chess is very fresh, and it is very bright in the mobile game where the cards are rampant. "Call Round Table" adopts a chessboard style of battle chess gameplay, players will be a summoner, summon their own character to fight on a 4X4 square array, the team at most four characters at the same time. Each turn, the player can control the actions of one character in the party once, including moves, attacks, skills, etc. One of the features of the game is that each character moves differently, but one thing is the same... They can only attack enemies in their particular direction. The protagonist of Mertz: The Healer and the Bell (メルクストーリア -- The Healer と the bell のしらべ) is an unmotivated teenager with the ability to heal monsters. Because of the fear of unhealed monsters that attack humans, the boy still has to do it. One day his friend suddenly said, "I want my memory back." Not only did the teenager's friend live in a bottle and have a translucent body, he also lost his memory. In order to fulfill his friend's wish, the young man gets a clue in the village and begins an adventure. This game is a Japanese part of the business elements, the quality is quite good, the game's combat system is also more interesting, coupled with people set bright, in a pile of games can also stand out. Dragon Tooth: Duran the Dragon and the Maze of Time This game is a fantasy RPG adventure in a fantasy world full of swords and magic, the last descendant of the dragon Duran is our protagonist, Duran to challenge the maze of time left by the previous dragon and began to adventure in the world. The maze in the game will show different maps, weapons, and items each time. In the deepest part of the maze there will be different monsters waiting for Duran, in addition to the basic attacks of swords, bows and arrows, magic, Duran can also transform into a dragon in a crisis! Can have a reverse effect on the battle! Players can collect the teeth of the defeated warcraft, and can also change into the warcraft! EVA: Soul of the Game by SEELE (ゼーレ) The new project has been successful, NERV has successfully developed a clone of the Apostle world structure, players need to use their own hands to create a clone of the Apostle to invade other players ruled by the "third New Tokyo city". Players can also manipulate the apostles to strengthen the defense of their ruling "Third New Tokyo City" and develop into a fortress city to meet the incoming apostles. COC got shot again. See the full guide at...... in the links shown in Resources for more highlights