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The legendary Super Saiyan mission walkthrough

2018-03-13 06:24:42

Today Xiaobian brings you the legendary super Saiyan task guide, I hope to help you!






In the first battle, Gorice and Kobayashi will accompany Vegeta to stay in the fight, and Flisa (the first form) is still relatively easy to deal with, most of its moves are physical attacks, when it remains 30% of health, the first battle is over.


Vegeta would be sacrificed in the ensuing engagement, so it was left to Flisa to storm Vegeta. After Vegeta is knocked down, after a very short cut scene, "you" and Piccolo will take on Flisa, although there is no combat information, but the player needs to pay attention to the subtitles in the bottom left corner, because Tranx will remind "you" if Piccolo is dead, you can not summon the dragon. That's why this fight is all about drawing Flisa's attack in case Piccolo gets knocked out.


When the final form of Flisa has 30% health left, Goku will appear, and Flisa will enter a mad state. Notice that when Flisa's face appears on the screen, it means that he is going to unleash a kill, Flisa holds a single finger high, and then accumulates a ball of dark energy, and then smashes it at the enemy. His move is somewhat similar to Kinu's power wave, but Flisa's accumulation time is very short, and the energy ball lasts a very long time after release, once hit, not only will be hurt, but also will be bound. This move basically has nowhere to hide, so it can only be a far attack. When Flisa has a shred of blood left, do not approach, as before the situation against Vegeta, until the end of the conversation, Flisa is defeated, and attacking Flisa at this time is useless, and if he bites back, it is not worth it.


Goku sees the moment and begins to accumulate energy, and "you" is responsible for buying time for Goku. At this point, "You" will not increase your health (since the beginning of step1), and Flisa is back to full, so the battle is mainly to stall for time, run more, and sometimes sneak attacks on Flisa, so that he will give up attacking Goku. After about 20 to 30 seconds, Goku will be fully charged.


Flisa is no match for Goku, because the Super Saiyan Goku's Turtle wave Qigong attacks have increased in width and duration. Once Flisa is inside the Turtle Wave Qigong beam, he is essentially immobile, and all you have to do is get close to Flisa and use a combo to knock him down.

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