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The meaning of different color license plates

2018-02-23 08:00:00

Life can see all kinds of vehicles, although there are many cars, but the license plate is only the common several, the most common is the blue license plate, just like blue collar as many and easy to see. In fact, the license plate color is mainly divided into 4 categories, do you know what are the four categories? What do they mean? Do you know who these plates are? Those are the ones we should stay away from? Here I will introduce them.


License plate


The first is the above mentioned blue collar, white characters on a blue background, white license plates on a blue background are more than hanging on a small car, whether it is a beggar, an upstart, a self-employed person, a business owner, or an official car, it is possible to hang this license plate. Just like me, a regular guy who drives a blue.


The second type is yellow with black characters, yellow with black license plates is also a more common license plate, the general body length of more than 6 meters of the car have to hang, whether it is engineering vehicles, trucks, or driving school coaches, some hospital ambulances and local rich extended luxury cars are hanging such license plates. And the motorcycle is also yellow card.


The third kind is relatively rare, white characters on black background, this license plate is more common in addition to the region, but in other areas is still relatively rare. This license plate is mostly hung on some foreign-related, foreign companies and consulate vehicles. Consulate cars, in particular, are not to be messed with. Consulate cars have a red "make" or "collar" word.


The fourth is not the ordinary people can open, white black words, if you find the car in front of or after the car hanging "white black words" license plate, please immediately avoid. Because these vehicles are either military vehicles or public security vehicles. These vehicles often carry logos, such as "Kong" for Air force, "WJ" for armed police, "police" for police cars, and "Jun" for military vehicles. Wait for the ones you don't understand.


In addition, the test license plate: red characters on white background, the number before the "test" sign; Temporary licence: red letters on a white background, with the word "temporary" before the number; Or with a valid car replacement license plate: black characters on white background.


I hope this experience will be helpful to those of you who know so much about license plates.

Matters needing attention

Of course, in addition to the above 4 kinds of license plates there is a motor vehicle license plate, interested can ask Baidu.


Special note: The license plate can not be used indiscriminately or blocked, please comply with the traffic regulations.