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The name of the restaurant, the elegant and simple restaurant takes a fashionable name

2018-03-02 08:00:00

The name of the restaurant is the sign, and a good name will bring a lot of customers.


Name: Reciting poetry Description: Reciting poetry. Name: Rhyme. Taste description: pay attention to rhyme and taste, meaning and environment.


Name: Jing Si Description: From Jing night thought, for Li Bai's famous article; Another Du Fu poetry cloud: quiet heart more wonderful, Zhuo thought not group. Name: Song Geya wind description: Modern people eat food is culture, eat is the mood. A song Geya style, enough to make diners fall.


Name: Another village Description: There is another village. Name: Shore description: Southern Song style, reminiscent of scenery. Name: Wei Shang Fang/Wei Mei cabinet Description: Delicious taste, noble meaning of dishes. Name: Pinxiang Pavilion Description: A place to taste delicious food.


Name: Juxiang Xuan description: It is also related to food, the name is easy to remember and popular. Name: Big mouth dish description: Things so delicious, do not live their own mouth, big mouth to eat it. Name: 100 Description: elegant luxury, easy to understand and catchy, giving people a feeling of not forgetting.