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The production process of the garment

2018-01-09 20:48:00

Spring girl's footsteps have left us, summer is coming, and now the streets are full of dresses, below I will introduce the production process of the dress: First of all, we have to prepare all the materials we want, including fabric, cardboard, strip, iron and all the accessories needed. Then compare the fabric we want to make with the same type of cardboard to see if there is any mistake in our fabric. Take everything that needs to be ironed (front, back tops, cuffs, hem, pull). All sewing positions are 0.6cm and are made by the edge beater (now they are made directly with four or five wires) in accordance with the requirements on the drawing (generally, 13 stitches are made with a stitch distance of 3cm, and the needles are imported 7-9). Even if the needles are a little broken, it will not affect them. All lines must be straight without skipping, floating or oil. Color difference and other problems appear. When doing the collar is the most important, it is equivalent to your "face", when loading the collar must use the print, do it with the line drawn (90% of the collar is to be painted), and the face as a whole should be put on the model to repair the place, so as to better experience the effect. Relative to the surface cloth, the inside will be better, but the above situation can not occur, when the cloth is better than the surface cloth 0.2-0.5CM, so that the effect will be very flat, there will be no more above, less below the situation commonly known as "owe". Some places have special tools to complete, that will save time and labor, really do this step our clothes are also completed. The above is my personal production experience, but also hope to forgive.