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The role of complex alcohol hands-free disinfection gel

2018-04-10 20:48:05

At present, the prevention work must be the top priority! When you have to go out of the house, be sure to wear a mask when you go out and wash your hands when you enter the house! In times of emergency, on the way to work or out to buy things, if you do not wash your hands, do not rub your eyes, pick your nostrils, and take something to eat. In addition to masks, hand protection also needs to be paid attention to! Help you find a complex alcohol no-hand sanitizer gel


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Recommended reasons: 1, complex alcohol effectively eliminate a variety of bacteria. 2, medical grade disinfection gel, oral non-toxic, more comfortable to use. 3, suitable for a variety of use scenarios, always isolate the bacteria outside. During an epidemic, simply washing your hands is not enough - they must be disinfected! Especially in public places, germs are everywhere. However, if you want to thoroughly disinfect, daily hand sanitizer simply cannot do it, and it is not convenient to wash hands and disinfect them all the time if you go out. The complex alcohol sanitizer gel is 99.9% effective in killing bacteria


To sum up, the following situations need to be disinfected in time! 1. After coughing or sneezing; 2. After visiting the hospital and contacting patients; 3. Prepare food and before eating; 4. In crowded public places, after physical contact with strangers; 5, contact with public goods, such as elevator buttons, handrails, etc.; 6. After shopping in the supermarket or mall; 7. Before holding the child, feeding the child, after handling the baby's feces; 8, contact money, after; 9. After outdoor sports and play, especially for children. 10, the home should also regularly disinfect the hands, remote control and other bacteria and viruses everywhere.