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The use of plastic wrap

2018-05-12 08:00:44

Normally you only use plastic wrap to keep food fresh? Cut ~ You also underestimate the plastic wrap, its use is great ~ plastic wrap can also be used so, eye-opening


Plastic wrap


Clean the glass: Wrap the used plastic wrap around your hands two or three times, and use the plastic wrap wrapped around your hands to scrub the glass directly where there is scale. The cup is restored as new, it is so simple to wear grace cream


Clean the lunch box: The oil stains on the lunch box that cannot be washed out, also try using plastic wrap.


Clean the sink: Instead of wearing gloves, use plastic wrap to clean the edges and corners.


Protect the stove wall: First wipe the wall with a wet cloth, and then paste a fresh film, after cooking, and then remove the plastic wrap, you can avoid the pain of scrubbing the stove wall.


Non-slip: Put a piece of plastic wrap under the mat at the bathroom door for safety and non-slip.


Protect the remote control: Wrap the remote control with plastic wrap to prevent dust.


Easy grinding: Wrap what needs to be ground in plastic wrap, and then roll it with a bottle.


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Protect the computer keyboard: lay a layer of plastic wrap on the computer keyboard to prevent dust, ash and water.


Hair care: After applying the hair film, wrap the hair with plastic wrap, which is more conducive to the absorption of nutrients

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