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There are five common reasons why epilepsy occurs

2018-04-24 08:00:58

Epilepsy treatment is to pay attention to symptomatic treatment, if you want to treat epilepsy then you should clearly understand the causes of epilepsy. If you want to treat epilepsy from the root, you should first understand the cause of epilepsy, the following experts to introduce five common causes of epilepsy for us, I hope you do not ignore.


Cerebral blood diseases: In addition to cerebral blood malformations and subarachnoid hemorrhage when epilepsy is younger, post-stroke epilepsy is more common in middle-aged and elderly people, especially cerebral embolism, cerebral thrombosis and multiple lacunar attacks. Hypertensive encephalopathy is often accompanied by epilepsy.


Congenital malformations: such as chromosomal malformations, congenital hydrocephalus, microcephaly, agenesis of the corpus callosum, cortical dysplasia, etc., these are the causes of epilepsy.


Prenatal and perinatal diseases: Birth injury is a common cause of symptomatic epilepsy in infancy. Contusion, edema, hemorrhage, and infarction can also lead to local cerebral sclerosis, which can form lesions after several years. Epilepsy is also common in patients with cerebral palsy.


Intracranial tumor, craniocerebral injury: epilepsy after craniocerebral injury, accompanied by depressed fractures, dural tears and local nervous system signs, memory impairment after long-term injury. Early epileptic seizures are most common in the weeks following injury. This is one of the causes of epilepsy.