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There are places worth going

2018-02-25 09:36:00

As the capital of China, the combination of classical, modern, historical and fashion has become the heart of many people. It has the best transportation network, so it's perfect for independent travel.


Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square This should be the people know the thing, Tiananmen Square flag-raising ceremony must go to see, feel the solemn, and the heart of the respect for the motherland. The rising ceremony of Tiananmen Square is very early, rising with the sun, so we must go out before dawn and find a position with a better view. The Forbidden City is best not to go on such holidays as eleven and May Day, there are too many people, you can go on the usual annual leave or weekend. The transportation of the Palace Museum is very convenient, 58 road, 101 road, 103 road, 109 road, subway line 1 and so on, if you go to the Palace Museum, directly from their own place to check the route.


The Summer Palace is simply a large park, enough to visit for a day. The value of tourism is not very great, but it is very meaningful to visit. Feel the luxury life of the emperor, you can also feel the wisdom of the ancient people and the aesthetic. There are also many public buses near the Summer Palace: 30,331,332, subway Line 4


The palace of Prince Gong may not be so famous, but it is definitely worth a visit. This is the residence of Ho-Shen. There were nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine bats in the corridor here, one less than the emperor's ten thousand, and there was a house filled with gold and silver jewelry, and every window was different. Prince Gong's Mansion is very beautiful, and every building is exquisite. Despite Ho-Shen's greed, he is a rare talent. You can go to his mansion and learn about it. You can get there by subway line 4.


Badaling Great Wall has a lot of tourist attractions, the famous is the Badaling Great Wall, although the whole Great Wall is the same, but the Great Wall has different meanings and scenery. When you go to find out, do not easily more tour groups go, they may not take you to Badaling, but find a place with fewer people.


Happy Valley This is a large playground suitable for older young people. Go here to play the door of the first few to get on the car, and then go to the right side of the door, to play water projects, in accordance with the counterclockwise direction, the queue time is relatively less. Everything in the playground is expensive, so be sure to bring your own food. Some performances have time, there should be a timetable at the gate of the playground, remember to take a picture. Give yourself a time reference.


Yuanmingyuan This is a place to remember the history, although here has been a mess, but still can feel its original brilliant style. Absolutely shake the heart of every person who has feelings, must feel it.


The above places are basically enough for a day, and you don't need to make any specific arrangements, just get up in the morning and go straight to your destination. Go to Houhai in the evening, go to the street, at night, everywhere bright lights, do not have to worry about no place to eat. Quanjude roast duck must try, with you in the meal really not a taste. Quanjude's roast duck is very light, very fragrant, at the same time, the architectural style of the meal is very old flavor.