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Three important factors for good employee recruitment

2018-05-15 04:48:37

At present, the human resource management is still in the transition stage from human resource management to human resource management. All human resources management work is carried out by the Personnel Department. In addition, some of them are also responsible for a lot of administrative work. The department consists of two persons, the principal and the recruitment officer. The recruitment channels of enterprises are mainly on-site recruitment of talent market, internal flow, campus recruitment and so on. Candidates screening: resume screening, interview, trial work and other methods. The staff allocation is mainly based on manpower planning, and what kind of people are lacking, that is, the master of the department puts forward the recruitment requirements to the general manager, and then the personnel department is responsible for the operation, and the final interview and trial stage are mainly undertaken by each responsible master. In general, the personnel department will put forward some suggestions to each department according to the situation of the applicant, but the main responsibility of each department is to arrange the positions of these new recruits. The general manager is mainly responsible for the transfer and promotion of internal personnel. There are several important factors for enterprises to make good recruitment, and it will be more objective and reasonable to reconsider the evaluation. 1. Put good people in the mouth. Companies in the recruitment, can allow candidates to moderately exaggerate their experience and performance, that is, the commonly called packaging, some companies found a little false on the thought of disloyalty, immediately decided not to, but also a little too fundamentalism, said that some people in a 15-month class, but in order to show that they are not unemployed at home for two months, it is possible to write more than a month, said 16 months. But we must pay attention to a degree and principle of the problem, can not be exaggerated. The higher the position, the stricter the check on the applicants. 2, strictly review the authenticity of all kinds of documents. With the development of the society and the opening of the education system, a large number of fake diplomas and adult continuing education diplomas have emerged in the society, and an important part of the good talent pass is to focus on reviewing the authenticity of various documents of candidates. If you simply look at the gold content of the diploma, you should first consider the public full-time higher education diploma, followed by self-examination diploma, and then consider the third private, television university, adult, correspondence and other academic diplomas. This is conducive to the comprehensive quality of enterprise employees. 3. Four criteria for successful recruitment. Recruitment is an important part of the whole enterprise early warning system, and successful recruitment will greatly reduce the talent turnover rate of enterprises. The success of a recruitment should be measured according to four criteria. (1) The content of the validity test must be correct and reasonable, and the test questions must be formulated around the requirements of the post, and the content must be consistent with the nature of the work. (2) Objectivity means that the employer is not affected by subjective factors, such as prejudice, preference, values, personality, thoughts, feelings, etc. On the other hand, the applicant's identity, race, religion, party, gender, native place and appearance will vary from one level to another. In order to achieve objectivity in recruitment, the above two subjective barriers must be removed in the evaluation, so as to achieve fairness. (3) Reliability it means that the evaluation results can reflect the actual situation of the applicant, the test score can indicate the applicant's talent and knowledge in the subject, for example, the applicant's marketing test score is 90, it should indicate that his attainments in this area are indeed 90 points. (4) Broadness It means that the content of the test must be broad enough to measure every ability of the job to be performed, and the questions of each test subject should be broad, not narrow. If a pharmaceutical representative is recruited, the subjects tested should not be limited to medical expertise, but also include social skills, English, sales skills and other subjects. When the recruitment work meets the above four standards of effectiveness, objectivity, reliability and universality, the people recruited in this way are bound to be able to take on great responsibilities. Only on the basis of good recruitment, strengthen the training and education of employees, more people give full play to their talents, provide more and larger career stages, in order to more effectively integrate human resources, enterprises will be sustainable development.