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Three uses of order

2018-05-02 09:37:00

There are many different uses of the word 'Order', but here are three common ones:


This article is based on experience


Order' is used as a noun to mean an order, an order: for example, 'I received his order to act immediately' means' I received his order to act immediately '. For example, "put these numbers in Order" can be said to be "Order these numbers in sequence". Denotes a rule or order: For example, "order we need to maintain" means "order of rules we need to maintain."


Order' is used as an adjective to mean neat and orderly: for example, 'His desk is always in order, everything is neatly arranged' can be said 'his desk is always in order, everything is neatly arranged'.

Matters needing attention

Please note that these are just some of the common uses of 'Order', in fact, 'Order' has other uses and meanings. When used specifically, it should be understood and applied according to the context and specific circumstances.