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Three-day tour must go to scenic spots

2018-03-12 17:36:16

Because and are on the way, so is to stay for a few days to play, because there are not many attractions, so put together to say, which attractions are worth going to it.

Scenic spot recommendation

Play season: Because the summer is very hot, it is recommended to go to the spring and autumn season, that is, 3-5 9-10 play time: 2-3 days Attention: pay attention to safety, a lot of thieves.


The famous Terracotta Warriors of Qin Shihuang are worth a visit. It is recommended to rent an interpreter or download a guide to explain. The terracotta warriors have several pits, from infantry to cavalry in different positions according to the hierarchy, and these terracotta warriors are glued together by archaeologists with life, and there is mercury in them when they are dug. Visit route: Pit 1 - Pit 3 - Pit 2 - Museum Recommendation Index: 5 stars


Huaqing Pool in the train station next to the tour 5 tourist bus, to the Terracotta warriors 7 yuan, Huaqing Palace 6 yuan, do not take the black car (very enthusiastic those), Huaqing Palace at that time invited a docent, the main collection of Tang Dynasty imperial pool, Princess Pool, public pool, prince pool and Chiang Kai-shek's military advice. After you come out, you can go to the Lishan Mountain on the side to have a look, if you have time. Recommended Rating: 4 stars


Night climbing Huashan mountain is also a famous night climbing mountain, it is said that because it is too steep, dare not climb during the day, start climbing at 12 o 'clock, climb early just to see the sunrise, and dream of the scene under Huashan sword. Recommended Rating: 4 stars


This page is based on experience


Bell tower, street street is famous eat eat a few streets, take the bus to the bell tower, cross the road downhill, to try the local biangbiang noodles, flower grandma sour plum juice, old yogurt. Recommended Index: 3 stars These places can be gone after.


Bridge - The Yellow River mother is mainly to see the Yellow River, so in fact, there is only one line, the Yellow River line, from the iron bridge (known as the world's first Yellow River iron bridge) to the park to the water wheel park, and finally to the Yellow River mother statue this section. The second is to eat ramen, the overall level of consumption here is relatively high.


Other attractions worth mentioning are walls, museums, Datang Garden, etc., of course, you can also carpool here to come to a six-day tour, to Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes and other lines.