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"To marry the doctor woman" the final heroine in the end is dead

2018-03-12 06:24:04

"To marry the doctor woman" is an open ending, the last episode Liu Jing sacrifice to save Yuwen Yong, Yuwen Yong wake up, she lay in Yuwen Yong arms, and then the play is over, as Liu Jing is dead is in a coma, did not give a clear answer, can only look forward to the subsequent episodes to learn the results. Plot summary: After a war, DuGujin was also punished on the spot, and Yuwenzhao was seriously injured to protect Yuwenyong and died tragically in front of the Emperor's brother. Yuwen Yong's condition worsened. Liu Jing find Landong, seek the method of detoxification, Landong told Liu Jing can only follow the records of the ancient law secretary, to save Yuwen Yong life for life. Liu Jing is also willing to use her own life to save Yuwen Yong. Liujing with a bowl of calm soup dizzy Yuwen Yong, request blue Dongto save her husband, Liujing for love risked his life. When Yuwen Yong woke up again, he obviously felt comfortable, and all the poison on his body had receded. At this time but see very haggard Liu Jing, two people standing in the street people come and go, looking at all sentient beings, Liu Jing also quietly lying in the arms of Yuwen Yong. When the end came to the "Liu Jing also quietly lying in the arms of Yuwen Yong", the end was over, whether Liu Jing was wrong or not. In the late Southern and Northern Dynasties, Liu Jing, the daughter of the Taifu of the State of Chen, was forced to marry Dazhou as a princess and became the concubine of Yuwen Yong, the emperor of Dazhou. The first two people to see the wedding night, found that the legend of the "monster emperor" is a graceful son, the rumor of the princess is a "fine" little doctor girl! The newly married lover who successfully attracted each other's attention opened a deep palace fancy sweet and abusive love. However, Liu Jing, who lives in the deep palace because of the identity of "replacement marriage", deliberately controls her feelings and deliberately alienates Yuwen Yong. At the same time, Yuwen Yong also because of the instability of the regime, forbearing emotions, and even once used Liu Jing to destroy many calculations of "people with hearts". However, the two daily against each other, the belly of the black emperor fell in love with the "fake", and in the mysterious cloud difficult to protect the sweetheart. But the identity of the replacement marriage is thin as cicada, after all, there is a clue. To marry the doctor woman and abdomen black emperor can guard this rare love, became a fan.