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Top 10 favorite American TV series

2018-04-07 16:00:47

Some recommendations for friends who like American TV series. Recommend friends who like to watch American TV series. I like the imagination of American TV series, and I like the plot and action scenes of American TV series. It is one of the pastimes after dinner and tea.


"Daredevil" (Netflix) As the first installment of the Marvel superhero series created by Netflix, Charlie Cox plays Daredevil, a blind man who works as a lawyer by day and fights criminals by night, and defends Hell's Kitchen alone. The show has added two new characters in Season 2, Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle the Punisher and Elodie Young as Elektra Natchios. Unlike The Avengers, which have super abilities to fly around, Netflix's The Defenders fight more like ordinary people, often splashing blood on the face, but the production is very well-made, and there is a long shot showing the process of a single person taking on the entire gang.


The History Channel's first scripted series, Vikings (History), takes place 1,200 years ago, but the story and plenty of action make the series so compelling that it is currently in its fourth season with a total of 20 episodes, and has been ordered for a fifth season of 20 episodes in 2017. Travis Fimmel, who played The lead role in the Warcraft: The Beginning movie, was also named the lead actor in the series.


Orange Is the New Black (Netflix)Netflix's most popular and groundbreaking series, reshaping the public's perception of prison life. The former comedy (which Amy has denied) also explores the current state of Black Lives Matter more deeply than any other show. Netflix is confident enough to renew the series for a seventh season.


"Mr. Robot" (USA) Although the second season of the 2016 broadcast of the ghost of a quarter, not after the season finale or a nuclear explosion. The show has become the face of USA and even NBC, garnering nominations and awards. Rami Malek plays cyber thug/hero Elliot Alderson, who has captured a large number of teenage hearts.


"The Flash" (CW) The network continues to dominate the CW series, which stars Grant Gustin as the super-fast hero The Flash. Parallel story is still the best way to keep things fresh. Plus, the CW is making DC a family this season. Linking up with Supergirl, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, all four episodes received some of the highest ratings for the CW. At this rate, the Flash's popularity will last a long time.


American Horror Story (FX) may have lost at the Golden Globes this season, but the word of mouth is up, and the average viewership is up slightly from last season. Sure, the number of episodes in season 6 is small, but each episode is powerful and, even more rare, brings together the story of the previous season. And the marketing of the sixth season is also brilliant, with all kinds of hidden, unknown trailers and concept posters. It also makes sense to increase audience attention and search.


Westworld (HBO), a new drama that won't premiere until the end of the year, has all eyes on the show. Based on the 1973 Michael Crichton film of the same name, the sci-fi thriller has become another hit for HBO, thanks to its solid story and excellent acting skills.


"The Walking Dead" (AMC) is the most watched TV show in the United States, and it certainly has no low IMDB views. Also, the suspense of who can survive the escape has also caused the discussion level of the show to reach a peak. Jeffery Dean Morgan's Negan has also become a popular character. Everyone was fascinated by his charming lying stick moves, and the number of fans grew. The season 7 premiere was one of the most talked about episodes of the year.


Stranger Things (Netflix) One of the hottest shows of the summer. Stranger Things has become an instant hit with its unique style and plot. The young actors are as good as the adult actors. Millie Bobby Brown, who played 11, became the most memorable child star of the year, and many people fell for her.


Game of Thrones (HBO) needs no introduction. It's a global hit. This season has been full of juicy stories, with Jon Snow coming back to life (though everyone knows he will), the battle of the bastards and more. It also won the Emmy Award for Best Drama for the second time.