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Top 10 tourist attractions in the world

2018-03-02 16:00:00

There are many tourist attractions in the world, worthy of our visit, so that our spiritual eyes can be opened up, countless scenic spots, countless historical traces, we are close to nature, close to history. Let's share.


This information comes from experience


Hong Kong -Hong Kong Pearl is just different, whether it is fun, sightseeing, shopping, food, Hong Kong is an unparalleled choice. Here you can not only watch the beautiful natural scenery, but also get the enjoyment brought by commercial civilization; You can immerse yourself in the material pleasures of modern society, and you can also relive the simple life style of the old times. It is extremely masking.


The Grand Canyon is a world-famous natural wonder, located on the Kaibab Plateau in northwestern Arizona in the west, with a total area of 2,724.7 square kilometers. Because the Colorado River runs through it, it is also known as the Grand Canyon of Colorado, and it is one of the natural heritage sites selected by UNESCO to be protected. The Grand Canyon was discovered by an expedition in 1540. In 1919, President Wilson established the Grand Canyon area as "Grand Canyon National Park". The Grand Canyon is only possible to fully appreciate this crack in the earth when viewed from above. The Colorado River, which flies over a hundred raptides, flows from the bottom of the Grand Canyon, is the river giant, 500 years ago, with its genius imagination and extraordinary willpower, cutting the plateau, reforming the river and mountain, cutting through the rock, subverting time and space, and writing down the Grand Canyon legend of about 443 kilometers, an average width of 16 kilometers, and a depth of 1.6 kilometers. Interestingly, the Indians who lived at the bottom of this Grand Canyon did not have the word Grand Canyon in their vocabulary, so they created a new word according to their way of thinking, which happened to be the most vivid description of the Grand Canyon: "upside down mountain."


There is one of the largest and longest coral reefs in the world, it is known as the Great BarrierReef. It snakes along the coast of Australia, with a length of 2011 km and a width of 161 km at its widest point. The southern end is at most 241 km from the coast, and the northern end is only 16 km from the coast. At low tide, parts of the reef rise above the water to form coral islands. The Great Castle Reef, the world's largest group of coral reefs, extends in the Coral Sea off the north coast of Australia, acting as a natural barrier to protect Queenstown Bank from the impact of wild waves. It is 2,013 kilometers long from north to south, narrow from north to south, and consists of thousands of coral reef bodies, with a total area of 207,000 square kilometers. At low tide, about 80,000 square kilometers are above water; At high tide, most of them are submerged, leaving hundreds of reefs that appear and disappear. There are more than 400 species of coral on the Great Barrier Reef, which come in a variety of colors and shapes in the warm, clear water. Most of the reefs are round or oval, large reefs cover small reefs, and atolls surround the calm lagoon. Where the reef water is not flooded, coconut trees, palm trees, rattan kudu dense weaving, many seabirds.


- Mount Tai is the first of the Five Famous Mountains, which is the general name of the five mountains in China, generally referring to the East Mountain (located in) Daigou Zhou, (located in), the West Mountain Hua Mountain (located in), the North Mountain (located in), and the Middle Mountain Song Mountain (located in). Because of its magnificent momentum, it has the reputation of "the first in the world". The area has been an important birthplace of culture as early as ancient times, and the fossil remains of man 5 years ago and man 40 years ago show the early human activities in this area. The Dawenkou culture in Tailu and the cultural remains in the northern foot also reflect the activities of clans and tribes in the early Yellow River Valley. During the Warring States Period, the State of Qi built about 500 kilometers of the Great Wall along the mountains to the Yellow Sea. After entering the Qin and Han Dynasties, it gradually became a symbol of political power. The actual altitude is not too high, next to the five mountains, Huashan, only the third place. It can't be compared with many mountains.


With one of the world's top beaches and home to the popular National Park of Costa Rica, you won't be disappointed. Across the jungle, you'll see three different types of monkeys. It is also a popular surfing destination. This is the place you must visit before you die.


With its ancient traditional temples, solemn Catholic churches and world-renowned casinos, Macao boasts a unique charm combining Chinese and Western cultures as well as a superior geographical location. Macao is a world famous free port, formerly Xiangshan County (i.e. city), located in the southern end of the Pearl River Delta, 60 kilometers southwest of Hong Kong. It consists of the Macao Peninsula, Taipa Island and Coloane Island, two offshore islands. In Macau, known as the "Las Vegas", Lisboa, Imperial Palace, Holiday, Jinbi and other "amusement parks" are the largest among many casinos. These are the places where the lights are brightest and the liveliest at night.


Taj Mahal is the fifth generation of Mughal monarch Shah Jahan for the beloved Taj Mahal built the mausoleum, the entire building is built with white stone, dignified and beautiful appearance, immaculate, the doors and Windows of the palace and the enclosure are carved with white stone into a diamond with lace small lattice, The walls are inlaid with jadeite, crystal, agate, red and emeralds with colorful vines and flowers, and the light is as bright as the stars in the sky. For hundreds of years, I do not know how many scholars and writers bend their knees for the Taj Mahal and write countless moving poems. But when you really stand in front of her, you will deeply appreciate the beauty of the Taj Mahal, which can not be written in any words. One of the best, left behind and independent. Standing in the Yamuna River that white crystal, exquisite figure, show eyebrows slightly frown, thoughtful


Located on the west bank of the Nile River, the Luxor Temple Complex is a collection of more than 40 temples and thousands of noble cemeteries dating back to the 14th century BC. Today, the temple of Luxor is in a precarious state, threatened not only by tourism and thieves, but also by the Nile itself. The construction of the Aswan Dam 40 years ago caused salt deposits around the soil of the Luxor Temple, eroding the temple's foundations and filling many of the tombs with seawater. The World Heritage Fund is currently drawing up plans for the preservation of the ruins of the Luxor Temple and hopes to carry out the biggest renovation of the complex since Alexander the Great.


-huangshan is located in the scenic area of Anhui Province in the northwest of the province. It is known as "three wonders" and "four wonders" in the world. Its sky-cutting peaks, exquisitely carved rocks, changeable sea of clouds, and strange pines constitute endless magical scenery. It was added to the list of World Heritage Sites (Cultural and Natural) in 1990.

Matters needing attention

There are many tourist attractions in the world, life is not in the book, or on the road, we should travel more travel, scatter the mind.