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Travel food guide

2018-02-25 12:48:00

The dishes are the representatives of the dishes outside the palace, and the difference between the palace dishes in the capital is that the dishes are mainly based on wild game, dry cooking, fragrant cooking and so on.

Matters needing attention

Cuisine: Pingquan frozen rabbit, green dragon turtle, spiced venison, fried mountain chicken roll, game hot pot, roast venison, roe deer meat, pheasant meat, etc. Price: Generally about tens of yuan/large plate (restaurants are divided into large and small plates, about one foot large and seven inches small). Recommended: The flavor snacks in the Pu stick venison and cooked venison skewers taste excellent, and only four or five yuan a skewer, worth a try. In the south of the summer resort on the street concentrated a lot of special food, you can taste the local special dishes. Other delicacies: There is another special food, that is, oat noodles. Soba River leakage: one of the three wonders of northern pasta, famous with 抻面 and sliced noodles. Buckwheat is divided into white buckwheat and black buckwheat. It is a traditional crop in Bashang area. The method is to first put the buckflour with light alkali water and good, and then use a special tool - river leakage bed, the dough pressure long strips, cooked in the pot, with garlic, sesame oil, vinegar and other spices can be eaten. There are many ways to eat buckwheat, the most famous when the first push of provincial county ZhangSanying town dial royal noodles, ZhangSanying formerly known as "one hundred sons", Qianlong tasted the local Jiang brothers made noodles, one hundred sons buckwheat noodles became famous all over the world. Bowl Tuo: A common snack in Bashang area, its shape and eating method are very similar to enema. First knead the soba noodles with pig's blood, boil it into porridge paste on the pot, cool it, cut it into thin triangular pieces, and fry it in the oil pan. When eating with sesame paste, garlic juice, vinegar, salt, MSG and so on. Two, bowl Tuo do the best to several people called "Tuo bowl king" Wang Lao third. Since the end of the Qing Dynasty, he has been making bowls for business, and the bowls he makes are fine, known as "two bowls fried through". After his death, the skill was handed down by his descendants. Due to the comprehensive renovation of the city, the food stall of the second is gone. However, in the size of the meal, you will order this traditional snack.


Mushroom: a kind of rare mushroom produced in Bashang. Because this mushroom is usually transported to the city for processing and then sold to the mainland, it is called mushroom. Tricholoma is a precious fungus directly eaten, the main varieties are white mill, green leg, malianium, apricot, etc., of which white mill color, fragrance and taste are the best. It can be stewed, braised or made into soup. Steam pot game eight impotence: steam pot seal is good, easy to cook, choose high-quality wild game as raw materials, such as roe deer meat, mountain chicken breast, hare, winter bamboo shoots, mushrooms, green pepper, etc. together into the pot steaming, out of the pot are original, fresh and clear, meat crisp rotten, mellow taste. Royal earth lotus leaf chicken: originated from "calling chicken", its practice is also different from calling chicken. Because of the special use of Lishong loess, Rehe spring water and lotus leaves in the lake as auxiliary, so the name "Yutu lotus leaf chicken". Lotus leaf chicken tastes delicious, especially that a light, seemingly if there is no lotus leaf fragrance, more make your appetite open, long aftertaste.


Cake: Made of refined white flour, white sugar, vegetable oil, alfalfa, peach kernel, melon seeds, green and red silk, etc. At that time, the emperor of the Qing Dynasty ordered the imperial kitchen of the Summer resort to make a large number of cakes to supply the Mongolian princes to and from as dry food, it is said that the imperial kitchen of the resort was not busy, so he asked local restaurants to help, which became a popular food in the local area, and now many restaurants have cakes to supply. Flowers and roses cake: Qianlong imperial chef proud work, very to Qianlong's taste, he often with flowers and roses cake to reward the royal minister. It is mainly made of fresh roses produced by the summer resort, mainly made of fine white flour, white sugar, vegetable oil, sesame oil, and peach kernel, melon seeds, green and red silk. It tastes not greasy at all, sweet and crisp, delicious and delicious.