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2018-02-23 14:24:00

It is said to be the capital of the Six Dynasties, so which scenic spots will make your trip more meaningful? So today Xiaobian will talk about this


Id and enough money


Confucius Temple is a temple-style building in China to commemorate Confucius and offer sacrifices to Confucius for later generations. Not only that, you can also taste the ancient architecture and the unique charm of the Qinhuai River


Yangtze River Pier - Here, you can not only appreciate the charm of the Yangtze River, the largest river in China, but also see the majestic Yangtze River Bridge, the first self-designed double-decker road and rail bridge in China


The Mausoleum of the Taiwan Martyrs - the former (1927-1949) execution site of the Kuomintang massacre of Communist revolutionaries, but today it has become a major base for promoting patriotic spirit education


Presidential Palace - the highest organ of the former Kuomintang. Not only that, but this place is also the seat of power in heaven.

Matters needing attention

Not too comprehensive, but also sincerely hope that this experience can be helpful to friends who want to go