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2018-02-25 11:12:00

The city is located in the northeast of the province, in the North and northeast of the two regions of the connection transition zone. The city has jurisdiction over eight counties and three districts, with an area of nearly 40,000 square kilometers and a total population of more than 3.4 million people. The people's garrison area of Wulie River, 435 kilometers away from the capital, 256 kilometers away. Formerly known as "Rehe", it is located in the northeast of the province. It has a long history and rich multi-ethnic historical and cultural connotation. It is a scenic city outside the city, and it is a tourist resort for hunting and vacation.


Bring your travel supplies


Summer resort was built in the forty-second year of Kangxi (1703), built in the fifty-fifth year of Qianlong, lasting 87 years, is the emperor of Qing Dynasty summer summer and the place to deal with government affairs, for China's famous ancient imperial palace, this large-scale garden has halls, halls, buildings, pavilions, pavilions, pavilions, halls, temples, temples and other buildings more than 100. Its biggest feature is that there are gardens in the mountains, and there are mountains in the gardens, and the mountains account for 4/5 of the entire garden area. From the northwest peak to the marsh, the relative equidifference of 180 meters, forming a cluster of peaks around, the color of the valley, the flow of clear springs in the valley, deep forest. In that year, the use of mountains, cliffs, foothills, mountain streams and other terrain, built a number of gardens, temples, among which the most striking is the pavilions on the two mountains facing each other, one is called "snow", the other is called "Four clouds mountain". Overlooking from the pavilion, the scenic spots of the resort, several temples outside the resort, as well as the city and the strange peaks and rocks on the surrounding mountains can be unobstructed. On another mountain there is a pavilion called "hammer peak sunset", here the Qing hammer peak first came into view, whenever the sunset, Qing hammer peak is red glow bright, so the name "hammer peak sunset". The wall is 3 meters high, 1.5 meters wide and 10 kilometers long. The walls are crenelated for patrol and combat. The wall climbs the mountains and crosses the water, the twists and turns are very tight, the local people call it "little Great Wall".



Qing Dynasty royal garden - Weichang, located in the northeast of the province (city Weichang Manchu Mongolian Autonomous County), bordering the grassland; Since ancient times, it has been a grassland where water and grass are abundant and animals multiply. The "Qianli Pine Forest" was the hunting ground for the Liao Emperor, and the "Paddock" was the place where the Qing emperor held his "autumn hunting".



The grassland covers an area of 90,000 mu and is located in the northwest, adjacent to the Badaling Great Wall. The west of Beijing grassland, beautiful water, green land, the scenery is infinite. Herds of cattle and sheep can be seen everywhere in the vast grassland of west Beijing, and the Mongolian bags are dotted on the green grassland, forming a natural picture scroll.

Matters needing attention

There are many hotels around the mountain resort, do not need to stay in the hotel in order to save tickets, not only poor conditions and expensive prices, the only benefit is to enjoy the mountain resort night view. Summer resort strongly recommend to use a guide, or listen to, not only can increase a lot of human history knowledge, but also can hear a variety of interesting legends.


Winter to the paddock photography should pay attention to anti-freezing, the use of electronic shutter camera to prepare some more batteries. Pay attention to prevent sudden heavy rain in summer. The temperature difference between the paddock and the morning is large, in addition to bringing some warm clothes, sunscreen, windproof hat and gloves should also be available, but also have a pair of shoes for climbing (riding boots can be rented locally).


Best time to visit: All seasons are ideal. Although it is cold in winter, the temperature is higher than other areas of the same latitude because it is surrounded by mountains, which blocks the attack of the cold current from the Mongolian plateau. Summer cool, rainfall concentration, basically no hot period, is a tourist summer resort. If you want to see beautiful natural scenery, April to October is the best season.


Local food introduction: The dish is the representative of the palace outside the dish, and the capital palace dish is different, the dishes are mainly based on mountain wild meat, dry cooking, fragrant cooking and so on. Cuisine: Pingquan frozen rabbit, green dragon turtle, spiced venison, fried mountain chicken roll, game hot pot, roast venison, roe deer meat, pheasant meat, etc. Price: Generally about tens of yuan/large plate (restaurants are divided into large and small plates, about one foot large and seven inches small). Recommended: The flavor snacks in the Pu stick venison and cooked venison skewers taste excellent, and only four or five yuan a skewer, worth a try. In the southern street of the Summer resort, there are many special foods and you can taste the local specialties.