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Travel money tips

2018-02-24 04:48:00

Travel precautions:

Transportation choice

The airport is 20 kilometers from the city, the airport has a bus directly to the city (ticket price 10 yuan), and the taxi price should be controlled about 35 yuan. The taxi driver who picks up at the airport will enthusiastically introduce the free tour and how good the attractions are. Believe that "there is no free lunch", they will tease the circle to let you spend money (tickets, meals, shopping, they may take a commission). Therefore, the attractions you want to go to are booked directly on the Internet, which can save a lot of trouble, the shuttle is covered, and the price is cheap.


Taxi prices are haggled, don't let them meter. Basically, the city is all 5 yuan (capped at 7 yuan), big to urban 10 yuan, urban to big 15 yuan, Asia to big 30 yuan, big to cape no more than 40 yuan. Most taxi drivers charge exorbitant prices, you have to cut boldly. Do not let the hotel doorman call a car, walk out of the hotel door to the road to stop the car.


Buses should be fully utilized. The city has only one main street (road), north-south, to the main attractions, shopping, food destinations can be taken as the axis. No. 2 bus is very convenient, there are many flights (there are seats), the conductor driver is enthusiastic, cheap (unmanned ticket 1 yuan/person). To really feel a city, take a bus.


From the Asian Economic University to the Cape, there are double-decker tour buses, half an hour. Big to cape, Asia 5 yuan, cape to Asia 8 yuan, enjoy the scenery along the way, very suitable for travelers. The bus fare is also within 5 yuan, but the order should be chaotic. In the urban area, the human tricycle can sit (2 yuan cap), but the motorcycle is best not to sit.

Accommodation options

Asia is the most beautiful bay, the color of the sea has layers, the beach is whiter, you can also pick up shells, a lot of sand crabs at night. But the consumption of Asian wine is relatively the highest, far from the city (more than 20 kilometers), shopping, eating, travel are not convenient. But you can still consider staying here for 1-2 nights. If MONEY allows, you can live in Asia directly, and you can even consider living in a thatched hut on Wuzhizhou Island for a night. (Booking wine on the Internet is a lot cheaper, recommend self-help travel network, you can go and compare with other websites, to use a Andy Lau advertising words: believe me, right!)


The best choice of wine is seaside wine, or wine with a private beach. You don't have to pay too much for a sea view. In fact, every day in addition to sleeping at night, stay in the room time is not much, have the interest to lean on the fence to look at the sea, early thinking of running directly to the sea. In addition, a lot of old wine, it is best to stay in the newly completed wine, its hardware facilities are relatively good. If the cost budget is not high. Recommend your choice of family hotel, the price is relatively cheap, the Spring Festival price of about 500 is also relatively good.

Scenic spot selection

In general, to travel, is the first choice, because the sunny beach, does have its unique place, sub, large, bay, which, promontory. Wuzhizhou Island, Nantian and other places are necessary to go, but because it is winter now, and the recent time is a little cold, swimming in the sea should pay attention to keep warm, to prevent colds, it is expected that the beach temperature will be about 20 degrees, the east Jiao coconut forest, Boao, tourist attractions are good, if you want to pure leisure, do not want to understand the character, you can book a room in the wine, In the middle of the day, go to the beach and enjoy the sun. It is suggested that tourists who play can choose some scenic spots of the day tour projects, including Wuzhizhou Island day tour, day tour, + day tour, tropical rain forest day tour, etc., there is a car shuttle, the price is more affordable


If you go to travel, pay attention to the food stalls, those places, the problem of rip-off is prominent, of course, there are good places, pay more attention to themselves, because last year was the user broke the scenic spot rip-off, later rectification, today's Spring Festival estimated market rectification is also very strict, so, you can still rest assured consumption, However, before spending money, you must understand the menu to ensure that there will be no conflict over price later. Food features: cumulative duck, chicken, Suckling pig, yellow duck, coconut pot chicken, snacks on the market in the past few years, is also a major feature, of course, if you pass my home, you can eat my mother's homemade Hakka bean curd, generally scattered stalls do not go to patronization, pay attention to food hygiene, to ensure that happy travel, happy back.

Shopping options

The purpose of tourism is mainly to play good, how happy how to walk, but be sure to pay attention to safety, cheap jewelry, but some monopoly prices will be slightly expensive, some old ladies in Newport will also put some crafts to sell, no different from the monopoly, the price is a lot cheaper, you can choose. Generally speaking, the crafts made by coconut shells, simple workmanship, the price ranges from one to fifteen yuan, the price is too high, you can turn around and go, do not add to the collection, but by some special materials made of crafts, such as rosewood, agarwood made of crafts, do not know much should pay attention to ask for invoices, to avoid being cheated.