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Travel tips

2018-04-09 01:36:53

It is a relatively influential historical city in the world and the first of the four ancient capitals of civilization. It is worth our travel and appreciation. Here's a guide to travel.


It is recommended to choose a good address before going, book accommodation wine or hotel in advance, after getting off the plane or train, you can go straight to the accommodation place, and then pause for a few days to arrange the itinerary. -- Terra-cotta Warriors -- Big -- History Museum -- Food stalls -- Datang Garden -- Bell tower -- Academy Gate -- and other attractions.


It is recommended to see the Terracotta warriors first, the ticket is 150 yuan/person, students 75 yuan/person, it is best to ask a professional guide when you see, you will have a more comprehensive and profound understanding of the great charm of the Terracotta warriors culture such as one pit, two pits, three pits.


To the food stall, snack street to reflect the culture of eating, eating must taste authentic steamed bread, cold PI, stone steamed bread and other snacks.


To the bell tower, Datang shopping and play, to experience the local national culture, there are performance programs arranged, you can choose to see, you can also drink a cup of wine in the street.


Then you can choose to see big, Famen Temple, the Great Wall, Shumen and other attractions, according to their own time to choose the order of arrangement, the Great Wall is more complete, it is best to rent a bicycle to play on it when visiting.


Can also go to Qianling see, where the broad momentum is still worth visiting, Buddha sculptures are also very appreciated value.

Matters needing attention

Each visitor's focus is different, to suggest appreciating history as a priority.


It is a very charming city, it is recommended to stay for a few days to taste.