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Warcraft 7.0 How to play the new fantasy system

2018-03-13 20:48:16

July 21 Warcraft 7.0 on the eve of the line, while the Warcraft game has also made great changes, one of which is the majority of players relish the fantasy system, finally no longer for the good looking equipment to occupy the backpack space and headache, the next small series will take you to look at the 7.0 new fantasy system, and teach you to play this new system for some time.


An active Warcraft account


The number of illusion equipment available


First of all, because of the appearance of the new warehouse, so the equipment used in the illusion does not need to be kept, now as long as you get a piece of equipment, and bound with its soul, the equipment will be automatically stored in your illusion warehouse, and then want to transform the appearance of this equipment, just go to the void illusion master.


The old version of the Warcraft appearance can choose to hide the head and mantle, and now there is an option to hide the shoulders, three equipment and one hidden, the entire character immediately looks very simple. (Xiaobian illusion ugly, do not spray)


How to hide the shoulders, head and cape? In the past, hiding these equipment was to run into the Settings, now it is changed to change the appearance in the illusion, the first option on the first page of the illusion warehouse is the option to hide these equipment.


The illusion weapon has always been a preferred appearance change, because some classes have made a lot of changes in 7.0, so there will be different weapons used by the same class before and after the revision. For example, hunters, survival hunters changed to the use of melee weapons, this time equipped with different weapons, the illusion is also different, for example, equipped with long-range weapons, the illusion is only remote display, equipped with long-handle weapons, then the corresponding illusion will also be changed to melee weapons.


At the same time, the weapon illusion also has more magic image illusion. These illusions bring great beautification to the appearance of the weapon, and the 7.0 Warcraft model is more delicate, so the light effect is more obvious.


Click on the magic, there will be a lot of options, but there are some more powerful illusions you do not have, then you can hover the mouse over the illusion, you can know the origin of the illusion.