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Waterproof film should not be used in those conditions

2018-04-09 19:12:06

There are some conditions for the use of waterproof film, so under what circumstances can not use swimming pool film? The first reminds you that whether it is an internal pool film quality problem or external environmental factors must comply with the following principles.


Waterproof film roll


Pool film before the construction of its own product quality problems can not be used. The quality of the product is different from the thickness of the original sample, and it can not be used because of structural problems.


Swimming pool film pattern color is not uniform, patchwork pattern connection is incomplete shall not be used. Pool film in the acceptance process found that some of the film holes can not be used.


Outdoor swimming pool spring rain surge, the pressure of the pool water exceeds the usual water storage line, the swimming pool should respond to drainage in time, under the pressure impact of the pool film can not be used.


In summer, in the outdoor swimming pool with high temperature warning, the use of the pool with paved swimming pool film should pay attention to the heat prevention norms, and use according to the temperature of the pool.


Winter, especially in the north of the outdoor swimming pool, low temperature warning frost approaching, the pool film can not be used and do a good job of swimming pool drainage and frost prevention measures.


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Matters needing attention

Pool film reasonable use and maintenance methods can maintain its life, it is necessary to standardize the use of pool film operation.