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Wedding market how to play wedding custom wine?

2018-02-24 09:36:00

With the birth and development of personalized consumption, customized wine has brought new market opportunities for the liquor industry, and has become another important way for many liquor enterprises to explore differentiated consumption channels. At present, the custom wine market is in rapid growth, not only the traditional wine enterprises have opened custom wine business, the market has also emerged a number of specialized custom wine enterprises or private workshops, the network customization service is developing in full swing.


Problems in the custom wine market? Custom wine is an important means for enterprises to enhance their own brand value and promote their brands. Developing custom wine market is an opportunity for many liquor enterprises to win in the fierce market competition. But there are some obvious problems with the custom wine market.


First, subsidized strategic positioning customization was attached to the high-end, niche identity label at the beginning of its birth, famous wines (especially high-end famous wines) have the innate advantages of being the first to enter this market, but only stay in the stage of shaping the high-end image of enterprises, and the degree of marketization is low; Other liquor enterprises only use custom wine as a supplement to traditional channels and cultivate it as an auxiliary market, without sufficient strategic positioning. Customized products lack a complete business system as a guarantee, allowing the customized market to die on its own, and customized wine has gradually developed into the chicken side of the enterprise.


Second, the lack of customized spiritual connotation is the embarrassing positioning of enterprises on customized wine, which also makes the "formalization" phenomenon of customized wine more serious, staying in the simple packaging differentiation stage, and for different customized customers with the same wine service. It is only marked on the product bottle label "customized for certain" or "for certain", and it does not combine the customized wine with the corporate culture and personal core needs, which directly leads to the homogenization of the appearance of customized wine is serious, and even the case of fake high-end customized wine often appears. These are not consistent with the noble and personalized spiritual connotation and identity of custom wine itself.


Summary: In the face of personalized customized wine consumption market, it is also necessary to personalize the positioning and marketing level. The positioning development strategy from a single category breakthrough will be the breakthrough point of customized wine, and the targeted marketing layout is the guarantee of occupying the single customized wine market.