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What about personal prevention?

2018-04-10 22:25:00

This Spring Festival everyone has a lot of public holidays. People's mood is sometimes happy, sometimes sad, and finally into a loss. Do not be in a daze during the period of hesitation, but pay attention to what individual prevention should do.


Individual prevention


Don't go to places where diseases are prevalent. If you happen to have family in an area where the disease is prevalent, it's best not to go back for safety reasons and to reduce mobility. If it is simply for tourism or other activities, do not go to places where diseases are prevalent.


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Don't go to crowded public places. Try not to go to the movies, or go to the theater shopping mall and other public places, if you really want to go to the supermarket shopping, also choose a place with fewer people to go, do not go to a place with many people.

Method/Step 2

to wear a mask As long as you leave the house, you must wear a mask, especially when you need to go downstairs and upstairs, there is no mask when you need to take the box elevator, it is best to climb the stairs. If you take the escalator when there is an escalator, do not take the box elevator.


Wash your hands frequently. Do not touch some supplies or parts in public places, or minimize contact, and wash your hands with soap and running water after returning from public places. If there is no running water to wash your hands, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.


Do health monitoring. Good health, in short, is your own thing, so you should take the initiative to manage your own health, if there is a fever to measure the temperature in time, if there are uncomfortable symptoms, you should give the community doctor. Let your community doctor provide you with a reliable way to see your doctor.


In summary. Personal protection is your own business in general, and you should put your own protection in place to avoid causing trouble to your family and friends, and even affecting your work. Wear a mask when going out, wash your hands frequently and avoid going to crowded places. Take care of your health.

Matters needing attention

Seek medical attention if you develop symptoms