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What are the bill financing platforms of the bank department

2018-05-15 03:12:08

The P2P network loan products that have always boasted of high returns have been criticized repeatedly because of high risks. Recently, many banks have tried to introduce new products with lower risk levels, which has won back investors' attention. The bill financial products under the banner of "high yield and zero risk" are one of them. Today, I will introduce to you what are the bank's bill financing platforms?


(1) Minsheng e-Loan "Minsheng e-Loan" was officially put into operation on July 15, 2014. The income of Minsheng's bill financial products is between 5.5% and 6%, with a term of 2-6 months and a starting price of 1,000 yuan. Minsheng E-commerce, backed by Minsheng Bank, has advantages in the issuance of Internet financial products such as bills, including bill review and trust, so the first product, the main bill, is expected, and it is expected that such products will be one of the most important products of the platform in the future.


(2) GF Fund In February 2015, GF Fund officially announced that GF Fund Money Bag APP plans to launch bill financial products with a term of 2-6 months and an annual return rate of 5%-7%.


(3) Most of the "small business e investment and financing business" of China Merchants Bank is online bill financing business. The interest rate is between 5.5% and 6.2%.


(4) Lufax's Anying - Bill series products start from 3,000 yuan, the interest rate is between 6% and 6.2%, and the term is 1-12 months.


(5) Kaixin loan Kaixin loan Yinxin Hui threshold is high, the need for 10,000 yuan starting investment, the interest rate is between 6%-8%, the term is 1-12 months.


(6) EpiaoBao In a strict sense, Epiaobao does not belong to the bill financing platform of the bank. However, the founding team of Epibao is composed of professionals from well-known financial institutions and Internet enterprises such as banks, Minsheng Bank, Hundsun Electronics, etc. The team has rich experience in finance and Internet, especially in building an all-user platform to provide reliable financial products, Epibao has professional advantages that ordinary banking platforms do not have.

Matters needing attention

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