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What are the critical periods of car maintenance?

2018-03-14 11:12:15

Now the car has become the main means of transportation for everyone to travel, the car is the same as people, in different periods, the condition of the vehicle has a great difference, and the maintenance attention is different in different cycles.




Running-in period: about a year in the car period, this time the car condition is the best, if the car really has a problem, within a year will be found, generally some small problems to be dealt with in time, in addition, the first time to buy a car owners only need to check the manual to maintain the new car;


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Maturity: This period of the general car age in 3-5 years, generally speaking, about five years of car age of the used car is more, because this stage of the vehicle condition is good, can sell a good price. This stage is mainly for the maintenance or replacement of brake pads, fuel pumps, shock absorbers and other components;


Decline period: This period of general car age in 5-10 years, if a car can be driven for 10 years, there will inevitably be some problems, performance is also declining year by year, this time to strengthen the intensity and frequency of maintenance. Especially like the rubber parts on the car, air conditioning, car paint, power system and other equipment will have problems, can be replaced as appropriate;


Phase-out period: the general age of the car in this period is 11-15 years, the state stipulates that the operating car has a scrappage period, but there is no provision for non-operating cars, although, but the car to this period, the various parts have been much worse than before, if you want to maintain, mainly for the power system maintenance, water tank thorough cleaning, chassis there are no major injuries;

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