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What are the customs of marriage and what are the specific steps?

2018-03-13 14:24:55

Today, Xiaobian to share the next Xiaobian side of some of the customs of marriage (divided into early marriage and wedding day) process and marriage customs in the end what is the meaning of the marriage customs of Xiaobian hometown as an example to show you what are the marriage customs of Xiaobian hometown, and what are the specific steps.


Wedding banquet, betrothal gifts, etc.


Fortune teller, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc


1, "fixed number" stage. This process is generally by the married men and women after the marriage, each met their parents, will set a date to sit together to discuss some of the wedding banquet arrangements, about the betrothal gifts, about the two sides of the relatives and other things, in the small series of this we call "fixed number", you are how to call it, small series is not very clear!


2, the "auspicious" stage. When the parents of both men and women agree with your marriage, let the man give his birth eight characters to the woman, and the woman asks the fortune teller to calculate the auspicious day suitable for marriage. 3, "betrothal gift" stage. In our hometown, the man to the woman's betrothal gift is very particular, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets these four, the same can not be less oh (of course, the specific situation to be specific, Xiaobian is talking about our general situation here).


4. The "return" stage. The man gave the bride the betrothal gift, as the woman, of course, must respond! As a woman, the things to buy are: 2 pairs of tiger-head shoes (meaning "early birth of your son"), bedding, pillows, washbasins, a set of chopsticks, etc., meaning "prosperous".


5, "wedding car welcome" stage. Generally speaking, it is the man who takes the bride and groom in the early morning to meet (with a bowl of rice, a bowl of meat, and a fish, meaning "more than every year"), this time, pay attention to the number of people who go to the woman's home to welcome the bride must be odd, and when they come back, it must be even, meaning "a good couple".


6, "reach the woman's home" stage. (1) Please God, the man first went to the woman's ancestral hall to worship the woman's ancestors, meaning to bless the woman's happiness after marriage. (2) Change your mouth, pour tea to the woman's parents, wear corsage, shout "father-in-law, mother-in-law", and now the words are basically changed, directly called "dad, mom".


7, (3) lunch, Xiaobian this is now generally carried out in the woman's home, generally by the countryside to make lunch (or in the woman's choice of some good reputation of wine). (4) Parting words, the woman's parents and summary of the daughter to say some words (any grievances go home; Be a wife, act like a wife, etc.) (5) Hold the bride on the car, this stage is the man to hold the woman into the wedding car, this process is generally not to let the woman land, the whole process of the woman is not held by the man, meaning "everlasting".


8, "to the man" stage. (1) The bride and groom get off the wedding car, set off firecrackers at the same time, and the flowers in the woman's hand (formerly the basin) are delivered to the man's parents, meaning "treasure". (2) Change his story, pour tea to the man's parents, wear corsage, and shout "Dad, mom".


9, (3) Enter the table, wait for relatives and friends to welcome the guests, the host chooses the auspicious time to preside over the wedding, and then the bride and groom toast to each table (we call this worship). (4) Into the bridal chamber, generally relatives and friends to visit the wedding room and laugh under both men and women. (5) Sending guests, this process is that the man and the woman together in wine or the man's home to send relatives and friends to attend the wedding.


These are the marriage customs of Xiaobian family. What about your family? Xiaobian and you discuss together.

Matters needing attention

Marriage is a big deal, we need to take it seriously, we can't lose etiquette.


Getting married is a big deal, and we're gonna do it right.