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What are the dangers of paint smell to people? How to prevent

2018-05-01 08:00:15

In the process of home decoration, paint is a commonly used paint, because after the use of paint, life is full of color. However, as we all know, the paint contains some chemical products that are harmful to the human body, so you can not check in directly after painting. So, what is the harm of paint smell to people? What can be done to prevent it?




(1) The harm of paint to the human body


Many people do not attach importance to the harm of paint, think that only industrial paint is harmful to the human body, but do not think of the paint in the home environment, but do not know that the biggest impact on us is the paint in the home environment, such as chairs, tables and floors have paint, in daily life we have a very long contact time for these paints. Therefore, we must pay enough attention to the harm of paint.


The harm of paint to the human body is mainly manifested in making people dizzy, headache, chest tightness, limb weakness and cough, etc. Long-term exposure to highly harmful paint may cause aplastic anemia, leukemia, tuberculosis, pleurisy and other serious diseases, and even cancer. It should be pointed out that pregnant women must pay attention to the harmful effects of paint. If they are in an environment full of highly hazardous paint for a long time, it will cause skin allergies in pregnant women, and cause fetal malformation 圝 and cleft lip and palate.


(2) Toxic components in paint


①, formaldehyde is a colorless and easily soluble irritant gas. All kinds of artificial panels, as well as adhesives, indoor paint coatings, wallpaper and carpets are the main source of formaldehyde, formaldehyde harm has long-term, latent, hidden characteristics, its release period is often as long as 3 to 15 years. Formaldehyde can be absorbed through the respiratory tract, long-term inhalation of formaldehyde can cause nasopharyngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer and other serious diseases.


(2) Benzene is a colorless gas with a special aroma. Its main source is a variety of paints and adhesives, benzene and benzene series are inhaled by the human body, can appear central nervous system anesthesia; It can inhibit the hematopoietic function of the human body, reduce the red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, and increase the rate of aplastic anemia. Can also lead to female menstrual abnormalities, fetal birth defects and so on.


(3) Ammonia is mainly derived from concrete antifreeze, high-alkali concrete expansion agent and early strength agent in concrete walls. Ammonia has a very high solubility, irritating and corrosive effects on the human upper respiratory tract, which will weaken the body's resistance to disease. Long-term exposure to ammonia may cause symptoms such as skin pigmentation or finger ulcers; After inhaling a large amount of ammonia in a short period of time, tears, sore throat, hoarseness, cough, bloodthirsty sputum, chest tightness, dyspnea, dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and other symptoms may occur. In severe cases, pulmonary edema and adult respiratory distress syndrome may occur.


TVOC Total volatile Organic Compound VOC is the abbreviation of English Votatile Organic Compound. The concentration of each component in VOC is low, but there are many kinds, and the mixed existence and interaction of various VOCs increase the harm intensity. The main components of TVOC include benzene, toluene, butyl acetate, ethylbenzene, styrene, undecane and so on. Indoor building and decoration materials are the main sources of TVOC in the air. TVOC can cause the body's immune level disorders, affect the central nervous system function, dizziness, headache, lethargy, weakness, chest tightness and other symptoms, may also affect the digestive system, loss of appetite, nausea, etc., in severe cases can damage the liver and hematopoietic system, and even cause death.


The information illegally crawled from experience


For the general public, we must improve the correct understanding of the harm of paint can not be taken lightly nor too afraid, as long as in daily life pay more attention to the protection of the harm of paint, we can get a healthy and beautiful working environment. First of all, the room air should be tested to determine the degree of pollution and the main harmful components, and then according to the harmful gas exceeded the situation, choose the appropriate treatment method to remove the harmful gas. Like Chenyang water-based paint in the market is deeply loved by consumers.


As a smelly chemical, the harm of paint can not be ignored, especially inferior paint, its harm is several times or even dozens of times that of regular paint. So in the purchase of paint must be optimistic about the product, to avoid buying three no shoddy products.

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