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What are the materials of doors and Windows

2018-04-24 19:12:37

First, solid wood: the use of solid wood to do doors and Windows is generally only in the retro atmosphere is very grand place will be seen, of course, some rich people, often in the decoration of their villas using solid wood doors and Windows, so that it can highlight the status, but also beneficial to physical and mental health. Second, plastic steel: Plastic steel is just one of the popular door and window materials, made of doors and Windows have good acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance; And the installation is very convenient. Aluminum alloy: Aluminum alloy window is one of the most popular door and window materials, which can be designed differently according to customer requirements, such as push and pull, flat open, hanging and so on. It is easy to shape in the production process and can meet the needs of consumers at different levels. 1, the appearance should be beautiful: the surface paint film of wood doors and Windows should be smooth, bright, no falling, bubbles, wrinkles and other quality defects, no corrosion points, dead joints, broken residual; The use of wood should be coordinated with the wood and color of the door and window fan, the color difference between the decorative panel and the wood line should not be large, and the tree species should be the same. 2, the door and window fan should not be warped and deformed, and match the door and window frame: if the door and window fan and frame gap is large, mainly because the planing is not allowed during installation or the door and window frame is not vertical to the ground, the door and window fan can be removed and re-planing; If the door and window frame is not vertical, the gasket in the frame plate should be found straight. 3, the hinge should be accurately positioned and firmly installed: if the hinge is not right, it will lead to the door and window fan and the frame cover are not consistent, and the door and window switch is not smooth. Can be each hinge first unscrew a screw, and then adjust the door and window fan and the frame of the fit, adjust the repair and then tighten all screws.