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What are the most popular lipstick shades in 2018?

2018-02-25 08:00:00

The most popular lipstick colors in 2018.


Smoky rose. Smoky rose is very white, and the color is not very prominent, very suitable for daily light makeup naked makeup. Can reflect the elegant temperament of girls. Well done, it's a very nice rose color. If the lip color is darker, it will be a bean paste color, and it will look just as good.

Method/Step 2

Water red. Water red is very girlish, compared with last year's popular positive red, water red color is more beautiful and lovely, more highlighting the sense of girlishness, to reduce the effect of age. Perfect for sweet makeup.

Method/Step 3

Peach powder. This color is quite striking, but as long as the eye makeup and blush match well, it can create a very eye-catching LOOK. And because the color is more pink, the lips should be moisturized, there should be no dead skin, and the bottom work should be done well when applying lipstick.

Method/Step 4

The color of coral. Coral is very suitable for lazy girls, usually do not make up, apply a coral lipstick to improve a touch, appear more spiritual.

Method/Step 5

Vermilion. Vermilion is a little more vibrant than earth and has a little more orange tint. Vermilion is very prominent and can hold a strong dress. Create the gorgeous effect of red lips and white teeth, black eyebrows and black hair.

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