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What are the secrets of a license plate?

2018-02-23 17:36:00

With the improvement of the overall strength of the country and the significant improvement of people's living standards, the number of cars in China has increased sharply, and having a driver's license has become one of the necessary abilities of a person. But you have a driver's license, do you know the secret of our car license plate? What is the pattern of the arrangement? What do the different colors mean?

Civilian vehicle license plate arrangement

The region to which the vehicle account belongs is represented by the way of "provincial abbreviation + regional number English letter". The Chinese characters represent the provincial region to which the vehicle belongs. Such as Su is, Lu is, Yue is and so on.


The first letter after the Chinese character of the civilian vehicle license plate represents the prefecture-level city to which the vehicle registration belongs, which is generally arranged according to the political and economic influence of the prefecture-level city in the province to which it belongs, and the provincial capital city is A. For example: Guangdong A yes, Guangdong B yes, Shaanxi A yes, Shaanxi B yes, etc. With the development of society, some provincial vehicle numbers have been unable to fully reflect the level of urban development.


The vehicle number behind the area number of the civil vehicle license plate is a 5-digit number, which can be arranged by numbers or English letters, but in order to avoid confusion between the English letters "O" and "I" and the numbers "0" and "1", these two English letters are not used in the number.

The secret in the license plate color

Large civilian vehicles with black characters on yellow background


Small civilian vehicles with white characters on blue background


White characters on black background + red "make" for foreign embassy vehicles


White characters on black background + red "collar" characters are consulate foreign vehicles


Special vehicle license plates have special arrangement rules, generally use Chinese characters or pinyin letters to represent large categories, and the number is generally 5 digits.

Matters needing attention

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