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What are the ticket prices for tourist attractions and scenic spots?

2018-02-23 04:48:00

Tourist attractions full name Bai Autonomous Prefecture, is located in the central west of the province, east of the city border patrol Erhai Lake, west and point Cangshan. With mild climate, fertile land and beautiful scenery, it is one of the earlier developed areas in the southwest frontier of China. As far back as 4,000 years ago, there were original residents in this area. The temperature difference between the four seasons is not large, the dry and wet seasons are distinct, the climate is mainly low latitude plateau monsoon, the climate is mild all the year round, the land is fertile, and it is famous for its beautiful landscape and ethnic customs. The most representative scenic spots in the territory are Butterfly Spring, Erhai, and the three pagodas of Chongsheng Temple. There is "wind and snow moon" laudable name, that is, Xiaguan wind, Shangguan flower, Cangshan snow, Erhai moon. Some people say the least valuable things are time and sunshine. At any given time you can see someone lounging in the highland sun. There are a lot of specialty restaurants that can get directly into the sun, you go there, you ask for a cup of coffee or tea, just sit there, read a magazine, it's very comfortable. The sun is like this, every day out on time to bask in the lazy body, so that people's hearts are full of warmth. Forget the world outside, the heart only soft beauty and the sacred snow mountain. "Stone forest" stone forest rock high tens of thousands of meters, climbing into which the strange stones, such as thousands of teams of thousands of riding dangerous eaves by caves. If nine o three, color all green inlaid and exquisite, find the Mo after Volute cold as snow. Legend has it that some people saw two bright red fruits on the stone in the middle of winter. If you can't take it, you can't find it the next day. It's called a plum pass." The plum leps mentioned in this passage are now the Stone Forest scenic spot. Also known as "big and small stone forest". This is one of the earliest descriptions of the stone forest in history. The stone forest scenic spot includes five areas including the footpost mountain in the northwest, the large stone forest and the small stone forest, the Ganoderma lucidum in the south and the plum Garden Qing in the east. The area is about 12 square kilometers. Deep, quiet, dangerous and strange are the landscape characteristics of the stone forest scenic spot. Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the deepest canyons in China. Tiger Leaping Gorge is the world's famous Grand Canyon, famous for its adventure and grandeur. From Tiger Leaping Gorge town through the Chongjiang river hole Haba snow Mountain foothills down the river, you can enter the canyon. The river is held hostage by the two snow mountains of Yulong and Haba, which are divided into 3 sections of upper tiger jump, middle tiger jump and lower tiger jump, with a total of 18 dangerous shoal. Shanghutiao, 9 kilometers away from Hutiaoxia town, is the narrowest section of the entire canyon, the width of the gorge is only more than meters, a 13-meter high stone in the center of the river - Hutiaoshi, the boulder is like a lone peak, Yransui, the river and the boulder fight each other, the mountain roar valley, extraordinary momentum. The World Horticultural Expo Park is located in the northeast suburb of Jindian Scenic scenic scenic area about 4 kilometers away from the city. The World Horticultural Expo Park covers an area of about 218 hectares, with a vegetation coverage rate of 76.7%, of which 120 hectares are densely shrubbery gentle slopes, and the water surface accounts for 10%-15%. A total of nine countries and international organizations have set up their own special exhibition platforms here. Many provinces and cities have also built exhibition places that can concentrate on reflecting the local garden art. Here is a collection of horticultural scenery from all over the world, a huge exposition. As the provincial capital, is a national-level historical and cultural city, it is an important tourism, business city, an important city in the western region, is a city with the same romantic feelings as flowers. "The weather is often like February and March, with flowers blooming all the time", where the sky is always blue, the evening clouds are colorful, the city is full of green grass and flowers, and of course, the air and brilliant sunshine. Stone forest has a beautiful "Ashima", upstairs rushed to the ground is five hundred miles of Dian pond, ethnic village shows the essence of the minority; There are also camellia flowers in Jindian, red billed gull in Cuihu... All become beautiful scenery line. Butterfly Spring is located in Cangshan Yunong peak, the spring water is as clear as a mirror. Every year at the butterfly festival, thousands of butterflies fly from all directions and fly all over the sky by the spring. The butterflies are as big as a palm, as small as a copper coin, and countless butterflies also hook their feet with their beards, holding each other head and tail, and hanging in a string from the alacacia tree to the water surface. The colorful landscape is a spectacle. The legend of Butterfly Spring - a long time ago, Butterfly Spring called the bottomless pool, the pool lived two people, the daughter called Wen Gu, smart and beautiful as a golden flower. Wengu grew up and hunter Xialang set a lifetime, then Wengu was robbed by the landlord, Xialang after hunting back desperate to save him. Unexpectedly officers and soldiers chased, two people cornered, both jumped into the bottomless pool, suddenly, lightning and thunder, storms. After the rain, a pair of beautiful large butterflies flew out of the pool, followed by countless small butterflies. It was the 15th day of the 4th lunar month. Since then, every year on this day, countless beautiful butterflies will gather here to tell this touching love story. This is known as the Butterfly Club. Yufeng Temple "ten thousand camellia" Yufeng Temple camellia, commonly known as ten thousand camellia, in the county of Yufeng Temple, there are ten thousand camellia in the temple, planted in the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty. The "king of tea tree" in the temple was originally two camellia trees standing side by side, and later the trunk was combined into one. Today, there are many branches, forming a flower wall more than 3 meters high and 4 meters wide. From February to April every year, camellia flowers are in full bloom with more than 10 batches, totaling tens of thousands of flowers. Gorgeous, in the Jade Dragon snow Mountain set off, especially spectacular and beautiful. Lugu Lake in the folklore of the world, the existence of the women's country, I am afraid that only the Mosuo people this family. Mosuo people live in Lugu Lake for generations, they still retain the matriarchal clan marriage system of "men do not marry, women do not marry, voluntary combination, discrete freedom", where women have a high status, so the outside world called Gulu Lake "women's country". Lugu Lake intoxicating lake color, ancient primitive and mysterious ethnic customs, primitive religious culture, crazy singing and dancing town, make Lugu Lake become a paradise for tourists. Shangri-la's ancient flagstone roads, traditional square streets and ancient residential buildings around it contain historical traces of more than 1,300 years of carving. Today, it is full of shops, restaurants, bars or hotels, and has become a good place for tourists from all over the world to shop and relax. Buy some local souvenirs on the street, and try some delicious local snacks at the food stalls. Walk tired to find a Tibetan restaurant while enjoying the Tibetan singer's wonderful performance while tasting pure butter tea, very comfortable and cozy. At night, walking along the deep and shallow stone road, you can still feel the former prosperity, as if you can hear the bell ringing when the team passed on the ancient tea horse Road. Yulong Snow Mountain stands in the north of the Naxi Autonomous County by the river, the main peak is 5596 meters above sea level, the top of the snow all year round, 12 peaks stand side by side, stretching 35 kilometers, like a jade dragon lying. There are many kinds of plants in the mountain, which are vertically distributed according to the height difference and climate, and have the reputation of "plant treasure house". What is more commendable is that the beauty of Yulong Snow Mountain is not only its magnificent, magnificent mountain, sparkling white snow, but also the second is that it changes with the morning and evening, spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, endless changes, myriad gestures, giving people a sense of endless. There are more scenic spots on Yulong Snow Mountain, but the main peak is steep and difficult to climb, so far no one has conquered it, and many mountaineering teams have been eager to try this mountain. To visit Yulong Snow Mountain, you can take a bus at various bus stations in the city, purchase tickets for convenience, you can also take a special bus in front of the main hotel. At the foot of the black black, the pool is wide, the blue water is Ying Ying, the Jade Dragon snow Mountain is reflected in it, the scenery is beautiful. Qing Qianlong two years, Naxi people built here dragon King Temple, so it is also called "". There is a moon building in the pool. There is Qingyun Pavilion in the north of the pool, also known as the Five Phoeniths Tower, which is a three-cornered wooden structure with a height of 17 meters, like five standing tall. The Dai nationality is located in the southwest of the People's Republic of China Province and is an autonomous prefecture under the jurisdiction of the province. The ancient Dai language is "Mengparanasi", meaning "ideal and magical happy land", which is famous for its magical tropical rainforest natural landscape and ethnic customs. The annual Songkran Festival is held in mid-April and attracts many foreign tourists to participate. Its water, crystal clear, quiet and quiet; Its mountains, the four seasons of the year always thick can not open the green; Good mountains and good water created many angelic beautiful people, or a flower umbrella, or a collar flowing tube skirt, ten thousand styles, forced to come. Jiuxiang Jiuxiang is a scenic spot dominated by karst caves 90 km away. 47 km from the county seat, about 30 km from the stone forest. Located on the Golden tourist route to Stone Forest. There are extremely rare karst cave groups in China, and it is a national key scenic spot. Jiuxiang can be divided into five scenic spots: Diaihongqiao Scenic spot, Sanzhidong scenic spot, Dashaba scenic spot, Alulong scenic spot and Mingjing District. Tourist attractions Tickets: Expo Park: 100 yuan, Stone Forest: 175 yuan, Jindian: 30 yuan, Ethnic village: 90 yuan, Dian Pond: 8 yuan, Jiuxiang: 90 yuan, Jiuxiang cableway: 30 yuan, : 40 yuan, cableway: 60 yuan (round trip), Floor: 20 yuan, sedan Chair Snow Mountain: 30 yuan, Changhu: 10 yuan, Dade Water Waterfall: 18 yuan, Red Land: 25 yuan, : 88 yuan ~1280 yuan range, zoo: 15 yuan, Nie Er Tomb: 2 yuan, temple: 8 yuan, temple: 6 yuan, Haigeng Park: 8 yuan, Xuanhua Temple: 5 yuan, Hei: 20 yuan, Provincial museum: 3 yuan, Qiongzhu Temple: 3 yuan, City museum: 5 yuan, wildlife park: 65 yuan Tourist attraction tickets Erhai Sea Cruise: 142 yuan, Erhai protection fee: 30 yuan, Butterfly Spring: 60 yuan, Butterfly Spring battery car: 10 yuan, Three Towers of Chong Sheng Temple: 121 yuan, Cangshan ropeway: 60 yuan, Tianlong Cave: 20 yuan, Gantong Temple ropeway: 80 yuan, Xizhou Bai Folk House: 35 yuan, Jizu Mountain: 60 yuan, Jizu Mountain ropeway: 50 yuan, City Museum: 10 yuan, Wei: 50 yuan, Stone Grottoes: 30 yuan, Zhang Family Garden: 90 yuan, Yan Family residence: 10 yuan, Dong Family residence: 10 yuan, "Butterfly Dream" : 120 yuan, Song and dance three tea: 20 yuan, Literature Building: 10 yuan, ethnic village: 5 yuan. Tourist attraction ticket Big Jade Dragon + Impression 255 yuan, Yulong Snow Mountain Big ropeway: 182 yuan, mural: 25 yuan, Spruceping small ropeway fee: 77 yuan, Dongba God Garden: 10 yuan, Yushui Village: 60 yuan, Yak Ping ropeway: 82 yuan, Black Park: 60 yuan, Mufu: 40 yuan, Yufeng Temple: 30 yuan, maintenance fee: 80 yuan, Black: 60 yuan, Shuhe Ancient Town: 30 yuan, Lugu Lake mountain: 85 yuan, Lugu Lake cruise: 50 yuan, Lugu Lake home visit: 5 yuan, Lugu Lake bonfire party: 115 yuan, Lugu Lake horse riding: 40 yuan, "" : A120 yuan, B100 yuan, Liming National Geopark: 80 yuan, Naxi Ancient Music: A140 yuan, B120 yuan, C100 yuan, Dongba Manshen Garden: 15 yuan. Tourist attractions tickets Menglun Botanical Garden: 80 yuan, Jingzhen octagonal Pavilion: 10 yuan, tree into the forest: 6 yuan, primitive forest park: 50 yuan, Dai scenic park: 50 yuan, urban park: 30 yuan, wild elephant Valley: 65 yuan, wild elephant Valley cableway fee: one-way 50 yuan/person, two-way 70 yuan/person, flower garden: 40 yuan, Manmai Sangkang: 120 yuan, Wangtianshu: 190 yuan, Manfeilong Pagoda: 5 yuan, Mandian Waterfall: 5 yuan, Mengyuan Fairyland: 120 yuan, Jinuo Cottage: 120 yuan. Shangri-la Tourist attractions Ticket: 50 yuan, Napa Sea: 30 yuan, Songzanlin Temple: 50 yuan, Tiger Jumping Gorge: 50 yuan, Shudu Lake: 30 yuan, sightseeing car: 90 yuan, Pudacuo National Forest Park package: 190 yuan, Shika Snow Mountain: 190 yuan, Tibetan home visit: 180 yuan, Meili Snow Mountain: 80 yuan, Bitang Canyon: 30 yuan, Taiwan: 30 yuan, Tiansheng Bridge: 20 yuan, Dongzhulin Temple: 10 yuan, Mingyong Glacier riding fee: 180 yuan round trip, Cizhong Church: 30 yuan. Scenic spot Ticket Price Ruili Valley: 50 yuan, trees into the forest: 5 yuan, Mori rainforest: 15 yuan, Wangyun Temple: 3 yuan, outbound book medicine insurance: 22 yuan, Tree Pagoda: 5 yuan, Mengbanna West Rare Garden: 15 yuan, Zhou Enlai Memorial Pavilion: 2 yuan, Banyan King: 3 yuan, Mankan Temple: 10 yuan, Zaduo Waterfall: 10 yuan, Elder Sister: 5 yuan, primitive forest: 15 yuan, National Culture Hall: 5 yuan, she-boy performance: 100~200 yuan, Zado Waterfall: 20 yuan, outbound fee: 165 yuan, photo fee: 30 yuan. Tourist attraction ticket: 80 yuan, Taibao Park: 10 yuan, City Museum: 4 yuan, Rehai; 60 yuan, Volcano Park: 40 yuan, Wetland: 40 yuan, National War Cemetery: 20 yuan, Diaishui River Waterfall: 20 yuan, Bubble: 268 yuan, Banglazhang Resort: 30 yuan, Li Yuanyuan Former Residence: 10 yuan, Yunfengshan: 64 yuan. Sakura Valley :30 yuan a courtyard two countries: 5 yuan Mengbanaxi (Manshi) :30 yuan Tree pagoda: 5 yuan Mori Waterfall: 50 yuan Tusi Ymen: 20 yuan Yunfengshan: 120 yuan Temple: 10 yuan Ba Pai Juquan: 20 yuan Yinjing a village two countries: 20 yuan Ba Pai Juquan: 20 yuan Tourist attraction tickets Alu Gu Cave: 90 yuan, Swallow Cave: 80 yuan, Zhujia Garden: 50 yuan, Temple of Literature: 60 yuan, Tuanshan Residential House: 10 yuan, Floor: 10 yuan, tofu workshop: 5 yuan, Jincha Garden: 40 yuan, Zhu De Old Residence: 10 yuan, Qingkou Ethnic Village: 30 yuan, Maitreya White Dragon Cave: A45 yuan, B25 yuan, Kaiyuan South Cave: 10 yuan, Gejiu Manyu: 15 yuan. Tourist attraction tickets: 200 yuan, Dam beauty: 100 yuan. Tourist attraction tickets: Dao Yi River: 55 yuan, Lubuge hydropower Station: 25 yuan, small Three Gorges 30 yuan, waterfall group: 75 yuan, color sarin: 100 yuan, Dahai Liangzi: 25 yuan, pearl: 30 yuan. Tulin: 80 yuan, Lufeng Dinosaur Valley: 120 yuan, Lufeng Dinosaur Museum: free, Shizishan: 20 yuan, Zixi Mountain: 15 yuan, Heijing Ancient Town: 30 yuan, Futa Park: 2 yuan. Tourist attraction ticket C Zhong Luo: 100 yuan, film horse Memorial Hall: 10 yuan, rope-crossing river: 10 yuan.