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What do teenage girls worry about

2018-02-24 12:48:00

Adolescent girls are in the early stages of love and are concerned about their appearance. A beautiful face and perfect body are what they all want, and they will stop at nothing if they don't reach their goal. But it ignores one of the main enemies of the perfect adolescent image - body odor. Unconsciously, body odor has quietly crawled onto them, causing them a lot of trouble. Sometimes because they can not bear the pressure brought by body odor, they will cause loneliness, low self-esteem and other psychological, and some will even think of suicide. Body odor can be a nightmare for adolescent girls. So what are the symptoms of body odor in adolescent girls?


Another girl's troubled body odor


1, at the beginning of development, the symptoms are relatively light, not very obvious, others can not smell;



2. Underarms always sweat unconsciously, which can not be dealt with in time, and sweat is difficult to volatilate due to clothing problems, forming a warm and humid environment;



3, after sweating hand touch armpit will have a slight pungent smell, because it is not very serious, often ignore its treatment;



4, underwear is often dyed yellow, smell difficult to clean;



5. There will be white crystals in your armpit hair. END

Matters needing attention

Adolescent girls' body odor is manifested by the above symptoms, which are the manifestations of patients with mild symptoms, but there are also many patients with severe symptoms. Symptoms are more serious, most have a family history, but also accompanied by the phenomenon of oil ears.