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What do the red and black license plates stand for

2018-02-23 19:12:00

Red and black plates for armed police vehicles. The license plate, commonly known as the license plate, also refers to the vehicle number plate, is respectively hung on the front and back of the car, usually the material is aluminum, iron, plastic or paper, engraved on the car registration, registration area or other relevant information. License plate is the number and information registration of each vehicle, its main function is to know the area of the vehicle through the license plate, but also according to the license plate to find the owner of the vehicle and the registration information of the vehicle. The number of each country's license plate is different, but it is a long strip type, most of which are black characters on white background, some are black characters on white background before the card, and black characters on yellow background after the card, countries that join the EU add a blue background color on the left side of the license plate. And with the EU emblem and country code, such as Germany D, France F, Italy I, Britain GB, Netherlands NL, Belgium B, Luxembourg L, Austria A, Spain E, Portugal P, Greece GR, Denmark DK, Finland FL and so on.